This blog is called Beatehemsborg, based in Norway.

I happened upon this blog, and something just grabbed me. I think it is funky and real and liked it immediately.

I think their furniture has just the right amount of chippy goodness.

Love this: "I find happiness in the simplest of things."

I adore the file cabinet nightstand on wheels!

I just love their simple things!

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  1. Another delightful blog to explore! I love their decorating style of using ordinary items. I also really like the chippy furniture and blue accents. This home looks so comfortable!

  2. chippy . . . mismatched . . . comfy - HOME.

  3. I agree with you; this is beautiful! I love that nightstand as well, and I also like the table with the hinge on the corner. How simple, but lovely. Thank you so much!

  4. It looks like a bright comfy home and I could be quite happy in that living room!

  5. Hi!
    I am so happy the way you're writing about our home! Thanks a lot :)

    Beate Hemsborg

  6. Perfection everywhere. You're right, there is just something about it. So much vintage and modern mixed!



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