BHG Living Space Arrangements

I love this look. But I have to keep the darned couch in front of the window. I really do like the intimate seating arrangement.

The Better Homes & Gardens website always comes to the rescue when I'm seeking help for decorating dilemmas.

This one is nice to. The colorful rug anchors the furniture pieces. And there is a window seat between bookshelves for more visitors.

I've always loved the look of turning the biggest piece of furniture on an angle. But I have only lived in one house where that seemed to work well. Breaks up the "boxy" look.

Couch as room divider. Creates a cozy look that foot traffic going to and fro does not break up.

This seating faces the fireplace is the main draw of the room. Whereas in many houses, it has to be the TV. I like this look because it is just so cozy.

If you have a small space, and possibly live in a studio setting where it is one big room, this look would work perfectly. The living space is arranged well, and to one side of the sectional is a place to dine.

The patterned curtains keep the solid furniture from looking too plain.

A nook underneath a window, and storage space below. If your area is really small, this would work with a couple of club chairs arranged alongside it. Or even a smallish couch.

Ooh, this one is pretty and cottage-y. Love the ruffles and the two rugs placed alongside one another.

This arrangement is classic. I like the two footstools underneath the coffee table. This is a fun look. I like the addition of the bamboo chair, as it adds a different texture.

Lots of light. Bright and colorful.

Its become increasingly popular to use small stools or other alternates instead of one long coffee table. Makes the space look more visually appealing in many ways.

See any arrangements you'd like to try? I'm still stumped.

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  1. I like them all, but the first one is such a cozy space.

  2. I loved them all.

    It's hard when one has a small space. My living room can go only one way, because we have a grand piano that only fits in one spot and same goes for the bookcases. I makeup for it by frequently rearranging the bookshelves and desk .

  3. Long and narrow living room in my little bungalow / no foyer...enter directly into room. It has to be divided into two sections to work, and I can't really move anything ( other than club chair to one side / rocking chair to other and back and forth ) What I have works ok, it is just that I can't change it, lol. When my kids were little we had a big old house ( not expensive or nice, but big ) and I moved stuff every other month! Here, cannot. But it's fun to view your posts from BHG and the Color blog etc and dream :)

  4. I would love any one of the arrangements above, Brenda! Our living room is long and narrow and I'd love to have a sofa and chairs facing each other adjacent to the fireplace, but then the rest of the space would be unusable.

  5. No love seats. Sofas and chairs. I just sold our love seat on Saturday, No use for it because it takes up so much room and only one person would sit on it. Gorgeous spaces in these photos.

  6. Long and very narrow LR here too.
    And broken up by a hideous traffic pattern. Why do home designers do these things? I'm here because it's cheap.

  7. I love the cottagy one and what gorgeous windows that room has living in a small cottage in the highlands sadly don't have too much choice how the furniture goes

  8. My living room is very small. Two chairs and a small sofa. Big windows looking at woods. Sort of like picture #7, minus the window seat!

  9. My LR and DR are one big room. It's hard to make it cozy. I have a sofa dividing the room. I wish I could have a rug but my little Yorkie thinks rugs are potty pads. I keep trying t make it cozy. I love the seating places that are so close but if I did that it would really be funny. Thanks for all the ideas.

  10. So many wonderful ideas. Love the white room with all the windows. **sigh**

  11. I'm thinking about swinging my sofa around to act as a room divider but worry it might make the room look even smaller. Of course I won't know til I try it! LOL! Lots of great ideas here Brenda! Someday I'm going to have a white cottage look...yes I am!!

  12. I got so many ideas here for my living room, which you know I am at wits end with. I'm going to the website now.



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