This is Minna's blog. It is called Blomsterverkstad.

Name: Minna Mercke Schmidt
Age: 44 years old
Family: Husband Robert and children, Emil 18, Ellen 16 0ch Elmer 5th
Lives: Lund
Make: styling and photographing inspiration articles about flowers, gardening, interior design. Writes books. Keeps courses. Anything to spread the flower joy.
Interests: Family and friends, all kinds of excursions, books, music, movies (Best in the cinema). And flowers of course :)
"Booming ideas" (Semic, 2010), "Decorate the beautiful" (Semic, 2012)
I'm always on the lookout for exciting, beautiful, personal gardens, balconies, conservatories and home of reportage and or book material. If you have one, do not hesitate to write to me. Please attach some pictures.

Her art is flowers.

Minna styles them beautifully. Plants and flowers alike.

I guess I could gaze at nature's offerings forever. Blissful.

Nature is the best color palette of all.

And Minna's eye for beauty transcends mere petals and leaves.

After seeing this, I will look at flowers in a different light. Seeing all the possibilities, the range of display, she has shown us.

Truly endless possibilities.

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  1. Such exquisite, inspirational photos! The flowers are beautiful. Minna is truly an artist. I'm really looking forward to exploring her blog.

    Thank you for brightening up my day with this lovely blog...

  2. Oh my! Her flowers are wonderful. The last photo with the flowers wrapped in beautiful paper is my favorite.

  3. I see a lot of inspiration in flower and plant so beautiful. I'm going to check out her blog!



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