Bring Back The Muse

The snow left on the ground is just in patches now. Big blankets of it, and then dead looking grass. Sort of forlorn looking. 

The best time to view snow is certainly when it is freshly fallen and pristine. Not when it's been around long enough to look dirty and sad.

I just got off the phone with the woman hired to interview me for Country Sampler. Questions about the house, my decorating style. 

Do I even have a decorating style? Advice I'd have for others. I told her shop the house before you go out and spend money. 

No, didn't reinvent the wheel here. Asked me why I chose the things I did to decoupage on the kitchen cabinets. 

It was really all pretty much random.

Actually, I don't have patterns in my decorating style. I just get the glimmer of an idea and see what happens. I don't know when I begin how things will turn out. I think many of us are that way.

Had I known that day that I sat on my little gardening scooter with a box full of vintage images and printed poems, what it was to bring about, I'd certainly have never thought it would be this. 

I think that's why it is important to follow your own private muse.

Have I said I'm sick of winter? Of not being outside taking photos of birds. Of not seeing blooms out in the garden. Well, I'll say it again: I'm sick of winter. 

I'm not accustomed to this much cold weather. And I know to some in far northern regions, this is nothing. 

The pupsters don't like getting their feet wet either. We're all in agreement here.

Weekends for me are just as quiet as weekdays. I woke up this morning and tried to figure out if this was Friday or Saturday. Not much change in my routine, so doesn't really matter.

Somehow I am not invigorated by gray gloomy days. My creativity is not moving me to do much of anything in the house. 

Every day I tell myself I'm going to change something about the living room I've gotten a bit tired of. But then I look up and it is 6 p.m. and it's time to start the night routine. 

I'm nothing if not a creature of habit and routine. You could set your clock by my actions.

Well, let's all wish for sunnier days, gloom lifted, the warmth revitalizing what the winter has taken away. And hope our muse comes strolling back into our lives and turns the magic switch back to on.

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  1. Brenda, I understand exactly how you feel. I too am sick of winter and of just seeing snow and more snow. I love seeing color. Everything is becoming drab. I know it won't be much longer till we will see some green popping out. xoxo,Susie

  2. Today the sun tried to shine for a little while. I opened the window shades, hoping the sunlight would keep streaming in the windows. A little later, I realized the house was filled with shadows once again. The sunbeams were gone. As I look out the window, I see mucked up snow chunks and feel the cold coming through the window glass. I went to every window and closed the shades and then marched around the house turning on lamps. There will be light in here, one way or another. Cozy is starting to feel claustrophobic and my body and mind are needing some clear, bright sunlit days. I think my muse is hiding behind a snow clump or maybe in some dark snow clouds. Even Fuzzy pom is bored. I'm keeping watch for that muse and so is Fuzzy.

  3. I totally agree with you that winter has not been wonderful this year. You have snow we have rain... lots and lots of it! On the news last night the poor people of Somerset, UK have water not only flowing off the rivers, they now have it coming up through the floors! It's been awful and I personally will be pleased to see the back of winter! I hope the thaw will be with you soon to green up the land. Chel xx

  4. Weathermen say it be warm here in Oklahoma by next weekend, 60s warm. That will be better

  5. It has been bitterly cold this winter, with the temperatures struggling to get above zero. But the upside of this is we have had mostly sunny days. Lately, I am beginning to feel warmth in the sun as it falls across my chair and me. I can see the days are getting longer. I can feel spring is coming! Soon...

  6. I just know the warm sunshine will return to you. Hopefully, sooner rather than later! I'm the same way. When it's cloudy and cold outside, I don't have as much energy to do creative things. I just want to stick to my routine. Then the sun shines and I feel renewed!

  7. I've been feeling the same way you have, Brenda. So sick of winter and tired of not really doing anything. I started spray-painting one of my kitchen chairs in the basement today, but that's about it. Even that was boring. I wanted to be outside doing it!

  8. I'm beginning to think everyday is the same. Snow and cold outside, lack of motivation to get something done inside. My list of things I want to get done keeps growing, but I'm still waiting for that spark of ambition to ignite so I can get started. I did start on a couple of things, but ended up putting it aside. Such is the story of my unproductive winter so far.

  9. I'm sure just about everybody is sick of this winter - even us in Georgia! We did have a beautiful day today. Every now and then mother nature gives us a lovely sunny day. Not that I was outside, but it was nice to have the rooms look sunny again.

    Usually dusting get's me motivated to change things around. I think now is a good time for spring cleaning even though it's not spring. Spring will find me outdoors so I might as well do something that needs doing while I'm stuck inside!

  10. I'm right there with you, Brenda, as far as being sick of this winter.. I'm like the clock on the wall when it comes to my routine.
    If things don't get done around here by 12:30 p.m. they don't get done. I've become a fan of "The Young and the Restless" and after that is over it's too late to start anything new. For me, anyhow.
    One of our weathermen keeps threatening that we may get from a dusting to an inch of snow today.. If he doesn't know for sure, I wish he'd keep quiet about it. All of our previous snow has melted, leaving lots of soggy ground and mud.
    I guess we just need to preserver another month.. I hear that the 1st of March is the beginning of spring to the weathermen.
    I'm excited about the woman from Country Sampler calling you.

  11. I'm sorry you're in the winter doldrums, Brenda. Your pretty photos and your words make me think how creative you are, even when you don't realize it. I love your blog. ~ Nancy

  12. Patience, weather/climate is changing and we can't control this. I keep thinking is this going to be how our weather is going to turn out in the future! Heat is a problem for me - the air conditioning running all day.
    In Alaska it has been warm - I don't know how people in Alaska survive the winters - with all that darkness.
    Hang in there - I think it will get better. I love that the Country Sampler called you.

  13. You know what keeps me going? I keep thinking that with any luck this may be the last winter we will have to spend up north. Fingers crossed.

  14. Would shaking up your routine just a smidge perk things up a bit for you? You sound so glum, Brenda.


  15. I have been fighting the winter doldrums and not accomplishing as much as I wish I was also. I just keep telling myself to do a little bit everyday. Hoping the sun shines soon! Hugs!

  16. I live where it's warm and sunny most of the time, but I can sympathize (and empathize) with those of you suffering from the winter blahs. I lived in Oregon for 18 years and saw many, many gray, gloomy days. Rain, snow, black ice, winds that would freeze your bones - not fun. But then, one day, a crocus would peek out of the snow to say "Sping is almost here." What a welcome sight! As the days grew longer, my heart grew lighter and, sure enough, spring did come. As it will for you, my winter weary friends. Hang in there!

  17. I need some motivation as well. I'm almost glad it's still winter, if I felt this way in the summer I would know I had big problems. With the cold and the snow I have an excuse to be a slug!


  18. I think this time of year is meant to be a time for resting some after the holidays and before yard work and outside activities start again. We have actually had a winter in TX this year. I have enjoyed the cold days and being inside, but I know it's only because the older I get, the more I dread the heat of summer. Give yourself permission to just read and not "do much" for a few more weeks.


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