Candy Pop

This is Candy Pop.

This is the blogger who authors Candy Pop.

Hi, I'm Natasha, a photography obsessive and collector of old things based in Oxford. Candy Pop is a place where I share photographs of my home, my adventures, and some of the things I find along the way.

I've worked in the art world and fashion industry - including managing Ladies Personal Shopping at Selfridges, London - so I've spent much of my career surrounded by beautiful things and inspiring people. 

I studied Fine Art and History of Art at university, and I'm currently employed as an educational fundraiser at the University of Oxford.

A sort of vintage bohemian vibe, or so it seems to me.

And she obviously likes lots of patterns in her decor.

Smeg alert! Oh, how I want one.

A dog of many colors.

How can you not love Holly Hobbie???

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  1. Another fun blog for me to explore - THANKS.

  2. I love all the bright colors and lively patterns in Natasha's pleasant home! I'm sensing a bit of a retro feel about it, too. The wall hangings are really pretty in the first picture. Very lovely blog!

  3. Such a bright, fun home--I'd be happy to spend time here!


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