Chateau Chic

Today we're visiting Mary Alice from Chateau Chic.

I love the house rug. And the adornments on the window.

Her gallery wall is an inspiration.

Her style is one of vintage elegance.

I love her additions to this window. Charming.

She has such a talent for layering.

Random blue.

Softly romantic.

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  1. I absolutely love Mary Alice's style of decorating.

    She was one of the first people to ever leave a comment on my blog and remains today one of my favorite blogs to read.

    Chateau Chic is a very classy blog.

  2. Oh yes. She's has such beautiful style! I study her vignettes because they are layered and textural. Gorgeous.

  3. Mary Alice's home looks very lovely. I love the window embellishments and the gallery wall is outstanding. Also, I really love the shabby pieces!

  4. You are so gracious to feature my blog today, Brenda! Thank you so much for this lovely surprise!
    Mary Alice

  5. Great ideas..
    The addition of iron work to the side of the window...really pulls you to look out!
    An old need to light, using to focus on the pitcher with greenery.
    Her collection of clock a wall of art!
    super post!

  6. Love this blog - "softly romantic" is a perfect description!


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