Condo Life

I wouldn't mind living in a condo. Look how cozy this little living space arrangement looks.

This kitchen is small, but laid out well.

I love the smallish stove. And the glass-fronted shelves acting as pantry.

So many possibilities. Would you like to live in a condo?

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  1. A condo would be nice. I'm enjoying my Duplex but of course I rent.

  2. What a wonderful home! I love the colors chosen. I think I would live in a condo. The smallness of the space certainly appeals to me! But, I'm not sure how I would feel about having my neighbors so close. It would be nicer if there were only a small number of units.

  3. The only downfall (for me) of living in a condo would be not having a yard. At least with a townhouse you still have a small yard. We lived in a couple of apartments when we were first married and even then when I was so young, being cooped up in an indoor space where you couldn't go outside and tend to any flowers or even have a little porch to sit on in a yard drove me nuts.

  4. I wouldnt mind living in a condo or long as it had a little area for the weiner dog to do her business and to have some potted plants. It probably would suit me fine.

  5. I don't think I would mind a condo, especially if it was in a vintage building like this one. I still have that issue of Country Living, and if I remember correctly, the condo is in Minneapolis and is a second home for an artist and photographer. Love it!

  6. I like their use of color here / the mix of blue and yellow with green touches ; so cheery. The kitchen looks wonderful !


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