Finally Some Momentum

Lately I just haven't been able to summon up the creative energy to do much in the house. 

The weather has been cold and gray and nasty. And that seems to have bearing on my motivation level.

Yesterday I woke up to this. Freshly fallen snow. But it is quickly melting. We are supposed to have some warm weather. 

Look at the sky. Dappled in white. So pretty to gaze at.

Over the past couple of days, slowly but surely, I've been getting some things done. I rearranged and changed out the mantel decor. 

Repotted the big pothos plant. Switched tables at each end of the couch. That was pretty much the extent of moving.

I am still crazy in love with this red Bromeliad. It just keeps on keeping on. Makes me smile to look at it right across from my favorite working chair.

The yellow blooming one seems to be leaning somewhat. I keep moving it away from the light, thinking it will straighten back up. 

My collections of white pitchers always seem to be the central spotlight of my changes. I just love them. 

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  1. I love how you've arranged your mantel and I know what you mean about not being very motivated with all the snow we've been getting so far this winter. They're actually calling for over a foot of snow by tomorrow where I live in Pennsylvania.

  2. Your mantel is beautiful and so creative. There's something about the gloomy weather that brings out our motivation to get creative in the inside warmth of our homes.

  3. Plants want to lean toward the sun. Turn the pot so the plant is leaning away from the sun. The leaves will then move toward the sun. The ideal situation is to turn pots regularly and prevent the plants from leaning.

  4. Such wonderful photos! I have always loved your cozy house and your decorating style. Your arrangements are lovely. I especially love the way you've done your mantel.

    I collect white pitchers, also. Right now, my collection is confined to the kitchen. I definitely need to switch things up!

    I'm so happy that your weather is warming up! So is our weather. No more below zero temperatures!

  5. Hi Brenda
    Glad that your motivation is coming back. I know how you feel because I suffer from depression. As my mom used to say, "My get up and go got up and went". We are all holed up in our homes here in North Carolina as the snow continues to fall. We had a couple of inches last night and about 4" so far today. I am spending a lot of time just visiting my blogging friends, one of which is you! Hugs, Rhondi

  6. Your plants are so pretty. I'm envious as although I have lots of light, no direct sunlight for them to flourish in! to me you seem to always be motivated! I wish I could send some of our warm weather to all of you and the rest of America that needs some warming up! We need rain and so many people are getting snowed in, if we could only swap.

  7. I'm finding it hard to get motivated, too. I definitely attribute it to winter blues! Ironic, though, that winter is the time to get stuff done inside, because once spring comes, I want to be outside! I like the changes that you made...your plants are gorgeous and look so healthy!

  8. Your home is just so cheerful. I love looking your pictures

  9. Your plants are doing very well. Maybe better than we are at the moment. It's the weather. Our area is getting a snow storm at present. Enough already! It will get better. I promise! Love, Pat

  10. Love your images you shared today, but I love your white pitchers the most too!

  11. Glad you got some mojo back, Brenda. It is this crappy weather that we are all dealing with. Love your plants. You really have a green thumb and it shows. I love all your white pieces, too, and your mantle looks great! xo Diana

  12. Your cozy house is a delight, Brenda, but so too is your writing. Whether you feel up or down, you convey so beautifully your thoughts and moods and this, punctuated with your stunning photography, is why I love and follow your blogs. Your creative mojo is always apparent!

  13. I like the mantle with just a hint of color. It's looks like a bit of sun and blue sky on a winter morning, and gives some hope for more sunny weather to come.

  14. Your mantel looks pretty with all our white pitchers Brenda and I love all your beautiful plants!!

  15. I love your white pitchers, too. It's always nice to get a fresh look. xo Laura

  16. I love your blue and white table cloth. Everything you have coordinates with everything else. You have a gift.
    Thank you for your comment about how I handled my demons. You were the only person that was not judgmental. Ever.

  17. Who designed your website? I love the look. Love your mantle. I'm afraid my cat would knock everything over.

  18. I love your new mantle decor; it is SPOT ON! So lovely and the mostly all-white is so popular now. Also LOVE your new heading. It is so YOU, Brenda! Keep the faith - it is almost time for warm weather! :)

  19. Brenda, the mantel looks great. I need to get some layers going on my shelves to add interest. The last few days I've done nothing but stay warm under a quilt and watch movies! Today the sun is shining and I'm much more productive. It does make a difference.

  20. Your mantel is so pretty! I like all the whites. I could use your help with mine, nothing things right for this time of year. Glad you are perking up!


  21. Love the way you arranged your mantel Brenda! So pretty! I like the cow and all the little farm animals.
    The power is back on - Yay!!!

  22. Hi, Is that a monogram on the white pitcher?

  23. I always get more done on good-weather days Brenda! Know exactly what you mean :)

  24. Looks beautiful as usual Brenda!! I envy what you have managed to get done. I on the other hand still have dribs and drabs of Christmas/snowpeople milling about my place..and I can tell you I am down right sick of it. But between the weather and a bum shoulder/arm that I've been nursing we've not managed to get the bins out of the garage. I so want to start putting some flowers and spring stuff out....sigh!

    So happy for you that your getting warmer in your area...we are still getting snowed in here in PA...I think Mother Nature is mad at us!

  25. Only just found your blog , but I like the pictures here.

    The first one red, white and blue colours work so well don't they. Catches the eye nicely

    All the best Jan


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