This is Hakenenmeer. A place where the crochet hooks are quite busy. 

And like most of the women I've featured who love to crochet, they also love the simplicity of life and a good cuppa cuppa something topped off with dollops of cream. 
In a pretty dotty mug in front of a fire.

 I certainly see the comparison made here of crochet hooks and pretty blooms.

I love the sun shining in across the crocheted piece.

Sprinkles. Got to have lots of sugary sprinkles.
Beautiful mugs to drink warm beverages from.

  Pretty bouquets to brighten up a room and make it fragrant.
A love of home and family.

Life lived in a bright, colorful and delicious world.

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  1. Wow, this blog takes love of color to a whole new level. In the midst of all of the bright color, her dark sweater with stars is the perfect counterpoint. Very enjoyable.

  2. Besides being lovely to look at, the pictures from Europe are helpful for myself as an antique shop owner. Europe is three years ahead of the U.S. in trends (according to the head buyer at a company I used to work for) so I can see what is coming and keep an eye out for vintage things in these colors. Thanks!

  3. You had me with the red and white polka dot mug. Love it all!

  4. Another gorgeous blog - I don't know how you find all the blogs for Color My Decor and for Welcome Wagon Friday.

  5. The link for her blog didn't work.

  6. I love these photos! So bright and cheerful. The crocheted creations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this...


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