Home Shabby Home

Home Shabby Home is Mara's blog. 

My name is Mara, a degree in Communication Studies and a Master in Tourism Management, has always been passionate about interior design and craft

"I decided to start this blog in 2010 to supervise the construction and decoration of my house. I love the Nordic style, the shabby declined in white and that is combined with the recovery of pieces from the flavor brocante and industrial."

She is Italian.

She likes chippy and shabby.

A fine collection of old found bottles and jars.

Simple. Yet still filled with details.

Mara also does blog design.

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  1. Mara has a very lovely home. Her kitchen is nice, and I like the colors she chose. I'm quite fond of shabby, and have a few pieces myself. I love how she displays her white pitchers! Overall, the vintage items work very well with the modern furniture.

  2. This looks like a great blog, Brenda. I hang on the the shabby that isn't overly feminine and frilly and these pictures are perfect examples of that. And I'm using metals, too, for my living room so I can see that the rustic is working well in her home. I think I'll pop over. Thanks.

    Did you see the buildings outside her window in one of the photos? So cool!


  3. Those candle house holders....I am going to be on a mission to find those...or something very similar.


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