Knick Of Time

You won't see a whole lot of bright colors at Knick Of Time. But you will see some tremendous talent.

Angie can take discarded things and turn them into priceless treasures.

She just amazes me with her eye for "junk." She can see past the dust and the grime to something very special.

The photo above, of a project she did, is one of my very favorites.

Look at the rusty funnel being used as a twine holder. Clever!

She sees beyond what something is now, to what it is going to become under her masterful hands.

Now that's true junkin' talent.

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  1. It is no surprise that some of the photos you featured from Knick of Time are on my pinterest boards. The minty green wood with the paper banner was my inspiration for a sign I made for my potting bench. Alas, I redid the sign into a Christmas sign. But, seeing Angie's sign makes me think I need to repaint the sign again - today!

  2. I totally agree that Angie is a very inventive decorator! There's a lot of inspiration in these photos. Amazing...

  3. I really enjoyed these photos. The items are old, but the displays defy time.


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