Minty House

This is the Minty House blog. 

She also has a shop.

See the pretty little blue birds?

I think I would love a big cubed shelf in which to put coffee or tea mugs.

There does seem to be a theme of varied shades of blue.

A blog kitty. If there is a quilt, a kitty will surely find it.

And another blog kitty. Very pretty too.

I have often wondered about these dolls or nisses in foreign country homes. 

Does anyone know the story behind them?

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  1. Thank you for sharing another wonderful blog with us. I really love it all! I started to list everything, but the list got too long. The kitties are gorgeous! It seems like a lot of the bloggers you feature have pets!

  2. I am in love with Minty House and have her on my blog roll now.

    Oh, the colors of the stools - so minty!

    I think the little dolls and animals are from Maileg which is a Danish company -

    I just created a Maileg Pinterest board because I just love the simplicity, but I don't love the price. One shop in town just began carrying some of the little Maileg creatures and banners. I went to buy a baby gift for someone who just found out she is pregnant. I thought a little Maileg animal would be great. Well, a 3 inch mouse was $29.95. I am going to have my sister check out the cost of Maileg in Great Britain because they might be cheaper there and my sister works in London the major part of each month. I want one of the big guys that are over $100 here.

    I googled Maileg bunny patterns and have found a few that I will have to enlarge, but I just don't have time right now.


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