My Friend Poppy's View

My friend Poppy lives in Greece. Far, far away. But we met here, online, and that's how we became fast friends.

Her blog is Poppyview.

One thing that united us is our love of the color red. 

And our love of home, wherever it may be.

I adore Poppy's kitchen. It is cozy and warm. I would love to stand washing dishes and stare out that window.

Because Poppy has some spectacular views.

She also shares my love of all things whimsical.

I can imagine us sitting here, chatting over coffee. 

But instead we chit-chat across the miles online, on our blogs.

Poppy just so happens to be one of those individuals who really knows how to tell a story. In other words, she writes beautifully.

So friend, I'm so glad we met here on the worldwide web.

And hit it off as we did. 

With our love of all things home, flowers in the garden, and dazzling bright colors.

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  1. My dear Coach,

    I cannot believe my luck, to have met such a kind, generous and talented soul as yourself, the FIRST person who welcomed me into her own cyberSPACE, featuring my week old blog, (which only consisted of two posts at that time!) on her very popular and well loved Cozy Little House, which is just that: a charming haven of comfort for so many of us, who click onto your page daily because we know we're going to have a special treat with our morning coffee, and later again, with our afternoon tea, to see 'what's up at Brenda's'.

    Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. Your voice, which I have never actually 'heard', is amazingly loud and clear and constant in my heart.

    This has to be one of the sweetest surprises I've ever been given! Thank you, my friend!


  2. Where did she get the cute poppy view mug? It is darling

  3. Absolutely love this beautiful house! I really like her decorating style. Lots of cheerful color. Also, I'm in awe of that impressive view!

  4. I met Poppy through you which isn't surprising with all of us loving color.

  5. Her home is such a light-filled happy space! I'm in love with her charming kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am a follower of Poppy's and she has a very beautiful home. She also has a great blog. I love the colors she has chosen for her home, so inspiring.

  7. What a great blog, Brenda! I love her's very welcoming and just so pretty! I think I have seen her comments on your blog. I'm going to stop in for a visit!

    Happy Friday!


  8. Wish I could find some furniture like that. All we have here in the stores is brown, brown, brown.


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