Old Man Winter

There is a robin cheep-cheeping outside my window. Perched on the bare branches that are showing small signs of spring. 

Buds have appeared, tokens of spring handed to us as dispensation for all the strangely cold winter weather.

Earlier I stood at the bedroom window and watched as three male cardinals chased one another to and fro across the yard. Lighting for just a second before taking off again. Is this some sort of male ritual I wonder?

The pupsters got a hair cut on Thursday. I took this photo before they managed to get out of the kerchiefs the groomer put on them. 

This week Charlie Ross has to get his teeth cleaned. And probably some of his front teeth will have to come out, the vet told me this week when they got their yearly shots. Poor baby has to be put out. 

He will not be happy leaving here without Abi. They do not do well apart. I am dreading it for him. For both of them. They are two peas in a pod.

This is the one sign of spring I've spotted in the ground. 

I've gotten out for periods of time and raked and cut down dead spikes of once yellow cannas that grew to five feet tall in the summer. 

Then went down like fallen soldiers when the worst freeze came to town.

I see the woodpecker doing his hop-hop up the tree outside this window. Peck and hop. Peck and hop.

All of this is a promise that spring will come, just like always, despite the tempestuous winter that has wreaked havoc in so many places. 

Old man winter will eventually go back to sleep and let more temperate weather lull us into summer.

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  1. Brenda, I have this image of you, sprinting (as best as you can!), from birds to pupsters to birds, so as not to miss that photo op, or before your canine models disrobe, and then good luck getting them camera ready again! But, it is evident from your pics that you managed to capture both your subjects in all their finery!

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  2. I LOVE alll your pictures today Brenda! Good Job! So glad Spring is just around the corner..Have a great day! Carol

  3. I saw a Robin in my front yard this morning and the sun is shining brightly.. However, snow is predicted for this week-----Wednesday most likely.
    I will be thinking about Charlie. Let us know how he does-----Abi Rose too.
    Your bird pictures are beautiful as are the green sprouts of Jonquils. Spring is on its way.
    Now, if I can just get my van running, I'll be a happy camper.. Am going to take it to "my repair man" this afternoon, leave it over night and pick it up one day next week. I hope it doesn't cost too many $$$$$.

  4. I can't wait to see our first robin-although for us that is sometime in mid to late April. Great pictures you took of the birds.
    Poor Charlie. Hope he does well- xo Diana

  5. So glad Old Man Winter is getting some of the blame. Poor Mother Nature has taken such a beating.Your pups are so cute with their haircut.Your post tells me that spring is in the wings.

    Note...new blog address http://simplybalisha.blogspot.com/

  6. I really am enjoying your photos today. Beautiful birds, budding branches and your darling pupsters! All have put me in a cheerful mood.

    You and your poor babies! I will be thinking of you all tomorrow, hoping all goes well...

  7. Well you got great shots of the pupsters anyway! They are so cute! Would it be possible to at least take Abi w/you to the vet, so he'll be at ease for the moment?

  8. This is a 'teaser' blog as we are experiencing SNOW today (again) so I can't even see my ground yet! Thanks to you, Brenda, for all of your hard work designing these daily musings. You (and NanaDiana) are the only blogs I read that are new daily!!! I look forward to starting the day with your words and a cup of coffee!

  9. Brenda, Wonderful signs of Spring......it's been a long time coming. I hope you enjoy a great week. xoxo,Susie

  10. Lovely post, Brenda...I'm afraid old man winter has a good grip on us here...

  11. Such cute expressions on the pup's faces!

  12. Please send some of that spring goodness my way...no buds, no greenery, no robins here yet. :-(

  13. You have such a wonderful way with words describing the transition between Winter and Spring. Your outdoor photography is lovely, as always. Your picture of the sprouts coming up from the ground reminded me that I saw some in my yard recently. I should've taken the time to pause and admire it for what it means. The weather here has been so nice lately. I'm afraid it won't last though. They are forecasting colder temps to return later this week.

  14. cannas? yellow? you have yellow cannas? Oh those are my favorites!! do you have any pictures of them in bloom you can post? would love to see them! they are so hard to find but someday I hope to have some!

  15. oh poor Charlie / hope Abi will be ok by herself.....love the birds and signs of spring : )

  16. My granddog Charlie had to be knocked out just to have his teeth cleaned. Our former pup on the other hand never had her teeth cleaned once....that's how naturally good her teeth were. It's genetic I guess.

    Spring will come and eventually kick old man winters butt. Can't wait!

  17. Please delete this if you desire. I struggle with loss from war years ago. Upon first reading I felt your comparison of yellow flowers to the fallen was a little cd blooded. Red cannas are a truer comparison. God bless America.

  18. You are going to have spring well ahead of us...I'm glad you got to do a little yard clean up. Put's the color in your cheeks!!

    The pups look great! I'm worried about Milo, too. He has a couple of bad, broken bottom teeth that the vet has been wanting to take out for awhile. I have to break down and do it. I hate that he will have to go under and I'm also wondering how much $$ they will want for this. I guess it has to be done.

    Hope you are off to a good start of the week.


  19. I hear another polar vortex is on its way. Oh boy. But we are going to get rain so YAY! I am going to cry tears of joy it is so dry here.

  20. Thanks Brenda for this post and beautiful birds and the little buds reminding me that yes winter will go away for another year, and spring will bring back all that is green and bountiful..

  21. Hi Brenda !! I don't remember if I asked you ...what clippers do you use on your pups? we moved and I was going to start doing our dogs so they would not have to go in all day. You do such a great job! Their haircuts look awesome.... I mean "paws-some" LOL

  22. OH- our terrior lost a few teeth too. He is 14 now, and this year when he had his teeth cleaned, the only had one bad tooth -- but since it was not loose, they did not pull it. They will keep an eye on it. I know you and Abi will miss Charlie that day but hopefully it time will go by fast :)

  23. Beautiful bird pictures, and your pups look very handsome after their haircuts! I will send good wishes to Charlie for his vet visit--we had a cat that had to have a couple of teeth removed, and he just snapped right back afterward, like nothing had happened. I'm sure his mouth hurt before that time, but we didn't realize it for a while, but glad we caught it and had it taken care of.

  24. I love your photos, as always. No signs of spring around here, yet, so for now, I'm enjoying yours.


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