Sally's Zuhause

This is Sally's place on the worldwide web. Her blog is called Sallys Zuhause

She lives in Egestorf, Lower Saxony, Germany.

I love this little eating nook.

She's got this wall really organized.

No upper shelves. Just what looks to me to be a box. How very clever!

I'm sure many of you would feel cramped in some of the spaces I find in other countries. But, from what I've seen so far, they don't tend to live in big houses.

So they are forced to be well-organized.

Sally also has an online shop. It's called Harry & Sally.


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  1. I love small and organized houses! This one is bright and colorful. The assorted dishware and painted checkerboard table are very pretty.

    The little creatures are adorable!

  2. I would prefer to live the European way myself....cozy, simple, organized, whimsical, color, bread and lots of butter...that would be fine by me.

  3. What a really cute home...none of the colors are too bright but they aren't subtle either. Love it!



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