Smitten With Pretty Kitchens

Just look at the gleaming yellow toaster.

Kitchens should have warmth. They should beckon you to come in and sit down.

Here's one of those stoves I fancy. What color would you say that one is?

An intimate little kitchen. Closed off and cozy.

Love the natural light flowing in that window. The counter tops are gorgeous.

Well, surely you had to know I'd find a red stove.

I just adore checkerboard floors in kitchens. They just seem meant to be.

The rustic look.

Exposed beams. White and blue and yellow looks divine in this kitchen. Sun and sky.

 The plates on the wall along with a clock. Perfect combination. Oh, and a Smeg fridge.

 Kitchen flows into living space.

 I just adore open shelves.

And ending with, I just love the dickens out of chickens. Not to mention fresh bread. Hand me the butter.

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  1. These kitchens are amazing! There's something to love about each of these intimate, comfortable rooms. I love all the details in them. So much to look at! A very enjoyable post, Brenda!

  2. Brenda, just wanted to say I am loving this new blog of yours. Keep up the great work! :)

  3. I love quirky little kitchens! Much more than big shiny ones. Oh....and I do love a SMEG fridge! I want a vintage looking fridge so badly. When I was fridge shopping I made sure I got a fridge with a smooth surface. So many of the white ones had a pebble surface and I think they are awful. Someday....I'll have a vintage or vintage look stove and a vintage look fridge...some day.

  4. I just love the smeg frig and the old type colorful stoves---I wish us would imitate these designs and make them part of the everyday affordable offerings ;-). I also wish those pastels in your other posts would be something the us offers. In other words I wish the us offerings would consist of colorful stuff , whether pale or bright--give us colors and fun! Thanks again for all your work on showcasing various things of color on this blog!

  5. I am in awe of all of these kitchen. The wood countertops in the first photo, the narrow table in the second one (great idea for small kitchens), and there was another with concrete counters. Makes me wish I could do ours over again!

    Happy Monday!


  6. So many beautiful and colorful details in these pretty kitchens. I really like the one with the blue and yellow chairs and the sun streaming in--the perfect beach cottage kitchen!


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