Snow Has Begun To Fall

Just after I woke up this morning, white flakes of snow began to flutter to the ground. Now it has begun to snow in earnest. I raised the blinds so the dogs could see clearly.

Abi was on top of the couch with Charlie, until she saw my camera, then she got down on the cushions to pose. Typical diva. She loves to have her picture taken.

We will stay in today, lamps glowing, as the weather does whatever it's going to do. Safe and warm inside.

It is fun to watch it cover the ground. You can no longer see where the street ends and the yards begin. It is beautiful when it's like this. 

Time for breakfast, then coffee. I shall enjoy those first hot sips. I am thankful to be in a nice warm house.

What is the weather like where you are? I hope everyone is warm and dry today. February has just begun. No telling what the rest of the month will be like weather-wise.

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  1. It would be fun to see it snow like that. We have actually had a winter this year in TX. But, we never get snow where I live. Just some black ice sometimes. Today we too are inside, with the fire going. Stay warm!

  2. I hear that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which doesn't bode well for all the people deep in winter this year.

    I love it when it snows and I am indoors. That only happens when we are on ski trips. I actually enjoy skiing with light snow falling.

    We are chilly today compared to our recent weather and are actually expecting rain tomorrow. Our patio work is finished so it is okay so we are thrilled that it will rain.

    Stay warm!

  3. I absolutely love looking at photos of your beautiful little house and darling pupsters! Isn't it wonderful to be inside and snug on such a day?

    Here in Minnesota, the temperature is -6, but the sky is crystal clear. The bright sunlight is streaming through the windows. A glorious day!

  4. It's a wonderful thing, when it only happens for a few hours, and we can stay indoors to watch (great thing about being in the deep south), but whewh! I feel for those who have had to battle it up past their windows, and doors. I'm a spring kinda girl... I'm ready to see some warmer temps. Stay warm & cozy!

  5. We're last week we were 78F and this week...cold snap, high of 64F. What ever the temperature, we are relentlessly sunny. We'd love to
    see snow or rain or anything other than nonstop sun ( except one our notorious dust storms).

  6. I think snow is headed to Virginia, Brenda.. That's what I hear anyhow.. We, who have warm homes, are so blessed.
    Like I said, once before, you can never get rid of that sofa. That is Charlie Ross' and Abi's for sure. Abi is a cute little "diva".

  7. Believe it or not Brenda we are actually having mild temps this weekend 50 degrees! That won't last too long tomorrow night we are suppose to get 4-6 inches of snow! Enjoy your Sunday with those two cuties:)

  8. I'm in Ca. so it is 64 today and has been in the 70's, but I have to say in the 60's is cold for us...I would love to see the beautiful snow here, of course nothing drastic, just a little for sharing your doggies and the lovely snow covering everything,,

  9. Brenda, I know you are warm in your cozy little house. We have snow forecasted to move in tomorrow morning. Charlie looks like he's enjoying the snow out the window and how sweet that Abi loves having her photo taken, that's so cute! Loved looking at the still life photos of your little cozy house.

    Stay warm


  10. Brenda I can't stand this weather. I'm soooo ready for Spring. It's pretty to look at for a few minutes but I'm ready for it to go for awhile.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  11. We are having a warmer day,temp in the 30's big change from last week's below zero. We will have snow till spring! Love the pupsters and all your photos Brenda you are a gifted jouralist,you share your self with all who read your blog.God bless you!

  12. Today feels like Spring in Va., but that is supposed to change by tomorrow. It was 66 an hour ago! We took a long walk during the break of temps as we know this will not last. Give the pupsters a hug! ♥

  13. Nice and warm outside here in my part of Georgia. I'm not sure of the exact temperature but this morning as I past by the tv, I overheard the weatherman saying a high of 70 for today. I love a little snow every now and then. Enjoy your day with your babies and the beautiful snow falling.

  14. Unfortunately, it's still very snowy and cold here in northern IL. We got another 4" of snow yesterday and more coming Tuesday. Tonight's temps going down below zero, too. SO tired of this weather!

  15. You are going to hate me for saying this, but the weather here has been rather hot! Some days, uncomfortably so. Even in Winter, although it does get quite cold, we rarely have snow. I have a niece who has married an American. They live in New York, but arrive today for a few weeks in Australia. I am sure they are looking forward to some sunshine and warmth!
    That Abi sure thinks she is the centre of attention, doesn't she? So funny!

    Kathy from Tas

  16. My snowbanks got a bit taller today, Brenda, after a round of shoveling this morning. I hope my waistline got a bit smaller from the exercise. Now, the lamp is lit and it's an easy evening ahead of me.

    By the way, I like the artful way you've arranged the items in your photos.


  17. Brenda, Your dogs look happy to watch the snow. Glad you are safe inside and warm. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  18. Freezing rain and sleet today-got out this morning, but staying in now until it thaws out! Things are pretty iced over here in North Tx. Stay warm!

  19. Nice winter post! :) It is perfect. There is something about winter when we can just be inside, focusing on inside things ( without the demands of the outdoors ) that is calming and cozy and you have captured it perfectly here. It is days / moments like this when I love winter

  20. One of the things I actually miss about living where it snows is how quiet everything is during a snow storm. It was always so peaceful. No snow in Phoenix, about 63 today and cloudy!!

  21. Great photos!
    I have to say I miss the beauty of a snow fall but I don't miss the cold. It is lovely to see from behind glass and in a cosy room. It s blue,blue skies for us here today in Alicante,Spain but it is also windy and chilly.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  22. It is pretty to watch coming down! It was 61 today and we're supposed to have storms tonight. If it isn't one crazy weather event it's another....

  23. Brenda, have you ever unframed the lovely lady in the golden frame? Maybe there is something written on the opposite side of the photo or something of a sentimental nature enclosed in the frame.

  24. Wow. Is that unusual?

    The temperature in the day has gone down to upper 60s and low 70s.

  25. I truly would be glad for snow.
    We just have frigidly cold temps and today we woke to rain.
    Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it's cloudy...but COLD!
    I know the rest of the country has been covered in we've not gotten much here.
    Stay warm-- and safe inside...enjoy the pupsters, always! Pat

  26. Lovely snowy pictures, Brenda. I love to watch snow falling and to see how different familiar surroundings look. Glad you can stay in and be warm and cosy though. Here in the UK it is grey, windy and cold......but no sign of snow. Enjoy your snow day.
    Helen xx

  27. Ice and snow overnight has left us in a winter wonderland. I prefer the 63 degrees we had on Saturday, though. xo Laura

  28. We got about 9 inches here in the valley and 34 up in the mountains a few days ago. We really needed it for spring run off. Lots of pasture land around here that need to be irrigated.

  29. Your pups look so cute! I just got back from AZ and miss the warmth and sun! We're supposed to get hit with 5 inches over the next day or 2 :(

  30. It's snowing here in NY yet again. We have been forced to close the office today, resulting in yet again thousands of $$ lost. It's been a rough winter so far, and it's not nearly over yet. I don't have the luxury of staying indoors as I have a pre op Dr.s appt I want to keep. I'm hoping to have surgery on Friday and if I miss this appt. that won't likely happen.

  31. I agree that it looks so pretty while the snow is falling. I love being inside and looking at it through the window. Much better than being outside in it! LOL. We have much warmer temps now than we had last week and our precipitation is now in the form of rain instead of snow. I'm relieved actually. Now, I can get out of the house and do things again. I don't like feeling like I can't go anywhere. Hope you have everything you need to ride out the snow storm!

  32. It sure looks like the snow was really coming down! We have piles and piles of the stuff around here. Thankfully though, we seem to be having quite a few sunny days lately :)

  33. It is crystal clear, high today 55. Everyone but California has endured quite the winter, including Florida! Send your water and snow here please.

  34. I love the snow when it comes down like that. Even better when it builds up from those beautiful big flakes. (Unless I have to go somewhere)
    Check out the blog It's Overflowing. I thought of you when I saw this. Dangling Beaded Hearts. Also check out Cottage in the Oaks. Her post about hearts and trees. It makes so much sense.

  35. Hi Brenda, Happy first (kind of) February to you. The weather here has been horrid, but I am hoping and praying that February will be better. It has been -40 with wind-chill for weeks on end and I am feeling a little house bound. Today is much improved, so I am going to go for a walk! I'm looking forward to it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  36. These are neat pictures...I don't think I've seen a cute picture of Abi!

    I heard on the news last night you were having snow. And we have a biggie coming starting tomorrow.


  37. Snow is fun when you don't have to go anywhere! I had enough of snow living in Canada for the first 45 years of my life. Keep warm! We are having a spring like day here and the birds are chirping.

  38. Snow is coming our way in Wichita. Will be here in the morning I guess.
    Fixed a large kettle of chicken and noodles. Have you ever made homemade noodles? I have not done that yet, but was thinking about it.
    It is cold, and a good day to work on my quilt binding. It is a gift, so I need to get it finished. hugs..

  39. We had snow today here in NJ, too -- about 6 inches. An ice storm is predicted for tomorrow night, and possibly a huge snowstorm on Sunday. It is pretty, but I've had enough! Hope it didn't get too bad where you are.

  40. We didn't get snow, but it was cold. And I have been under the weather. I am finally feeling like myself again and am up to blogging.




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