The Blacklist & Java Talk Wednesday

I'm looking forward to the new episode of The Blacklist tonight.

 Oh, that elusive smile of his.

Now for news about Java Talk, our coffee klatsch we had last Wednesday. I received emails saying we might consider continuing Java Talk in some way. The discussion about coffee or other topics. So I put my thinking cap on. 

How about we have Java Talk every Wednesday and see how it goes? I'll start it that morning when I'm having my coffee, and you can join in at any time. We don't want to talk coffee to death. Let's choose a few topics so that everyone can find something they want to discuss. 

For those of us who watch The Blacklist, maybe we can talk about Monday night's episode. 

And then, if you don't watch The Blacklist, let's add two more topics. What should they be???

Give me your suggestions in the comments. 

We can all have our morning coffee (or tea of course!) and have our Java Talk session. And if it seems to be fun or popular, we can do it every week and choose topics to discuss the Monday before. 

Sound okay? I'm open to any suggestions.

I'll be back for Tweak It this afternoon.

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  1. hi Brenda: great idea!!
    let's rehash Downton Abbey! I can't seem to get enough of that show1

  2. My mom got me hooked on that show Brenda...can't wait!!

  3. I love James Spader!!!! It's always tough to decide which I watch and which I put on the DVD between Castle & Blacklist. I'm dying to know what his tie to Lizzie is!!!

  4. Brenda I enjoyed our Java Talk so let's try it. Oh yes, The Blacklist!! I am so ready for tonight's episode. Other topics might be our favorite shows on TV?? or who we pick for the Academy Awards this coming Sunday?

  5. I'm so looking forward to tonight! I really do love this show. It would be fun to discuss it in our Java Talk. Speaking of fun, it would be interesting to find out what everyone does for fun/hobbies/how relaxes/spends free time, etc. Just a thought...

  6. As you know my daughter and I are HUGE Blacklist fans and we can't wait for tonight! I'll take a nap before the show as I didn't sleep last night so must be ready for his return. Can't wait to see Lizzie again. and like Sarah asked, what is his relationship to her? The writers are awesome! Looking forward to Java Talk.

  7. No cable TV here so I don't know anything about the Blacklist except that you and others like it : ) As to other topics since the Olympics just finished up, perhaps what sports did people enjoy watching the most or what did a person find the most interesting in last week's news...or what is peculiar or particular to your area in the way of foods or lingo or customs ( i know that I mentioned perogies once and alot of people were not familiar with them, and we have various expressions in our area that are peculiar to us / not the entire country ) / what's your favorite fruit / do you crave chocolate and if so what's your favorite / lol I'll stop...:)

  8. I've been intrigued about all the comments about The Blacklist, so we decided to try it beginning at Episode 1. Found out that provides full episodes on-line beginning at Episode 9! So we will have to pay $1.99 per episode for 1-8. Unless you and your readers know of another avenue. Thanks so much! Ann in Washington, MI


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