Veronica Roth

A reader suggested I check out this site. 

Veronica is an artist. With paint, and with her camera. Veronica Roth is her blog.

And this is Veronica.

Watch as she begins her work of art...

To me it is interesting to see how an artist lives, what they have in their homes, and imagine how their art evolves.

Her photographs are equally magical.

I've got to take the time to try something like this one of these days. Love the free reign of the imagination.

Anyone who loves pets has my vote of confidence. I find them to be "good people."

Fog rising up to the clouds.

Art in small spaces.

Journeys begin with a single step, and there are many curves in our road.

Simply ethereal.

The simplest of things become artistic.

Sun shining. Life lived. Art created.

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  1. Such enchanting artwork! Absolutely love it! It's so fascinating how Veronica creates it. The photos are simply stunning....

  2. Oh, my! . . . Veronica's art . . . her home . . . her photography . . . all lovely.

  3. You captured the essence of her blog her home and art.

  4. These are lovely projects and photos--I especially like the mixed-media one featuring marionettes, and the drawing of the horses, and the bird on the map.

  5. I have an artist friend who is going to flip one this blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Have I told you how much I love this new blog venture of yours?

  6. Veronica is multi talented! Amazing!


  7. Holy smokes, this was such a lovely surprise for me. :D Thank you so much. Won't you pop over and introduce yourself and say hello? I'm sure we'll be great friends. :)


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