Villa Konig

I know you're probably sick to death of pastels from Greengate. So I'm trying hard to find other colors. BUT it is hard! They all seem to have them. It's the Pottery Barn of the UK!

However, there are the Scandinavians with their blacks and whites. Guess I'll try some of them so as not to be so redundant...

Greengate is everywhere! Except in the U.S!

And no one seems to be able to tell me why this is.

But take heart, here are some primary colors.

Well, at least the red is.

These folks love their floral pastel world.

And there's no separating them from it. Guess I'll have to visit the US neutrals.

Because I really, really want to give you variety. If you have countries or decor styles you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll do my best to add them.

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  1. I'm in love with Greengate! I truly wish the pieces were available to purchase, as I'd love a special piece or two!

    Thanks for finding another pretty blog! This home is styled beautifully. There's a few decorating ideas I'd like to try!

    I wonder if anyone is interested in seeing the blue and white combination. Or is that not popular anymore? Just a thought...

  2. I know you have other followers, but you are keeping me happy.

    I wonder if it is you in addition to my daughter that are softening my color palette. I just bought a turquoise chair.

  3. It's been interesting to see just how much the Green gate is used. At first I thought, "so many similar blogs!" But then I realized the elements were the same and even the styling. I'm thinking the bloggers must be younger women. It's a pretty look to be sure, but it's overmarketed and in a few years it will be seen as another trend. What's important is the blogger/homemakers seem to be having fun with it and that's all that counts. Thank you Brenda for doing the legwork to give us peeks into homes all over the world.

  4. What a great mix of pieces. I saw several things I could add to my decor but I wouldn't go for a full out feminine/white look. Actually, I don't think I've found my's that for honesty!!


  5. I like pastels, so I like seeing all the pretty rooms in the blogs you're sharing. Deep, rich colors are fun as well--maybe something with a Moroccan influence would bring in bolder hues? Or Mexico/South America for bright colors? I like all of them that you've shared with us!


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