Want To Rearrange Your Living Space?

Do you ever sit and look at your living space and just yearn to start moving things around? I know some of you do. Some of us are inveterate room arrangers. 

My name is Brenda and I am an inveterate room arranger.

I sit here and look around, and can't figure out how on earth I'd rearrange it to accommodate what I have. And of course keep the pupsters couch in front of the window. MAJORLY IMPORTANT!

I guess if you're home all the time, you just get kind of bored with looking at the same old same old.

So I want a new look, and can't figure out how to do it. 

I just happened upon this video on smart room arranging. Thought you might want to watch it.

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  1. "Darn tootin" you have to leave your couch in front of your window. ha ha !
    I do sit and look at my living room and think about how I could rearrange the furniture. I also am thinking about changing the paint color. I didn't used to have a problem with that, but now I see so many different rooms and different colors and I'm really in a quandary about what color I'd like to use..
    I always enjoy seeing the changes that you make in your rooms..
    I hope you're warm and cozy today.

  2. I get tired of the same arrangement of furniture also, but it's gotten harder to move stuff around as I've gotten older. I'm so new in this home that it's still fresh for me. BUT I am always wanting to change small things out and that helps if I can't move the big stuff!

  3. I always love seeing photos of your beautiful and charming home! I'm always in awe of your taste and style. I think it's so sweet that you keep your couch in front of the window.

    My living room is to small to rearrange! Also, can't block my kitty's view of the bird feeder...


  4. I wish I could rearrange my family area, but because the home is so small, there is only one way to arrange it...since I rent, I am constantly looking for another little home, but all I find is landlords who do not care about what their houses look like when they put them up for rent....I am staying put. I have a nice kitchen with nice cupboards and a huge laundry/mud room and it is all nicely tiled...I cannot find anything out there that is better...but I do wish I had a bigger family area...for now, me and the ten pound doxie are cozy in our 800 square foot house.

  5. I re-arrange my home quite often, because I am home most of the time. I especially find the winters hard so I keep things changing just so I don't get bored.

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  6. I used to re-arrange things all the time. I was a blind mans nightmare to be sure. My husband would curse tripping over things that moved while he was at work. I come by it honestly, my mother was a re-arranger as well.

    I haven't moved the major furniture pieces in a few years, and I am finally at peace :)

  7. I've been in the house too much because I keep coming up with all these ideas for things to do. Some ideas involve painting. I'd love to rearrange my living room, at least part of it. If I find those book shelves I want and something to put between them for the tv, that will make a difference. I could live without the tv, but the family would have a fit. :) Now I'm off to view the video, thanks for the link.

  8. I've always been a serial re-arranger, but I can't move heavy furniture now so it kind of cuts down on the fun. xo Laura

  9. YES! I want to rearrange.
    Starting with the living room...then the kitchen, then the guest bedroom...(well, I might just want to put a padlock on that door--and tell my kids it's closed for renovations !)
    and lastly...I want to rearrange my OFFICE-slash- CRAFT ROOM!
    So much to re arrange, why? Because I'm tired of looking at it all!
    off to see the video.
    thanks, Pat

  10. I bought those Magic Sliders to make furniture moving easy. I pushed my couch all around the room and still couldn't find a different place for

  11. My living-room is difficult. I've changed the arrangement several times... and so far I've always put things back the way they were as it seems the best option until some genius idea pops in my mind!

  12. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Hi Brenda, my name is Marie and I am also an inveterate room arranger. There, I said it! Truthfully, I have been since I was little girl. My mom would hear noises coming from my room and walk in to find me with my dresser in the middle of the room and the mattress off my bed! My son and husband say they never know what to expect when they come in the house, but I can only stand things being the same for so long and then I get the itch to rearrange. I even rearrange other people's houses in my head when I visit. I know I have issues, but what's a girl to do? It's not such a bad problem to have, I guess. :)


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