10 Easter Decorating Ideas

It's all about Easter and the arrival of spring.

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I really love this post! It gives me hopes that spring will arrive soon. Very pretty and cheerful Easter eggs. Each is very unique and enchanting, so it's a difficult choice. But I think I like the eggs and tulips in the watering can best.

  2. I agree with Gayle. The rusty watering can with pretty tulips, eggs and lovely blue bow is my favorite Easter decoration.
    I know spring is coming because my jonquils are coming up and birds are building nests. It has been a lovely day here in Virginia today.
    I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures that you have shared..

  3. Wow...now I am on the hunt for a rusty watering can....have not thought much of Easter decor yet...such great inspiration to get me started!

  4. I love the egg garland on the stairs. We do not have stairs, but they always look like such fun to decorate.

  5. Oh thank you for these! I have been starting to think of some ideas for decorating and that easter egg garland going up the stairs is beautiful! A wonderful weekend to you! Nicole

  6. This is the first post I've seen that makes me feel like putting away my snowman collection.

  7. I saw my first Robin this morning and now this! :)

    The plants growing in egg shells...I actually have a dozen shells saved for seed starting and doing something like that : )

  8. My fav is the rusty watering can. Wonderful!
    We are supposed to get temps in the 50s today (followed by more snow), but I'm so excited for a break from the cold.
    Have a great one, Brenda!

  9. I love all of them, but for me to make is the last egg selection, I believe that is fabric.

  10. I love the egg shells with live plants in them!

  11. Oh those are all so pretty, makes me want to break out the craft paints, and the camera....hmmm maybe I will.


  12. I think I'd like to try a few of these...so pretty!


  13. Hi Brenda: These are all pretty for spring, and I think I like the first picture best of all. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I love them all! My favorite? For my house, it would be the watering can on the door. SO cute!


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