Bliss Ranch

The last few days, I've been showing talented bloggers who can come up with unbelievable projects. (I think they deserve their own HGTV show personally.)

Today I want to showcase Bliss Ranch. The project she did above has got to be my favorite. And that's saying something, because there are a LOT of projects you're about to see!

Here's Mr. And Mrs. Bliss, and here's what the missus has to say...

On any given day hanging out around here are me and the Brawn of the operation (guess that makes me the brains?), and a gaggle of offpsring ~ six to be exact.  Two are feathering their own nests with their own Mister and Missus, and I refer to our offsprings' offspring as The Grands.

I have to include the hound of the house.  Mo.  We always had big outdoor dogs till he joined us.  I'm rather pathetic about him, he's like a kid, and I take enough grief about it too.  He keeps me company during the day.  Look at that face.  One only a mother could love?

This particular blogger is wicked funny. She always makes me laugh.

Her "not so lazy" Susan.

Did you get any ideas?

I just know that if she and I had the chance to sit around her table and have some sweet tea, we'd have one heck of a laughing session. A real whoopin' hollerin' time.

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  1. Oh my goodness, they are so creative. What imaginative projects! I really love the bar cart, also. The toilet paper holder made me laugh. It's so clever! Looking forward to exploring their blog.

  2. Wow, you made me sound pretty cool, thanks! Thank you for the feature too, I miss that bar.... haven't seen it for months while it hibernates in the garage over winter.


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