Coco Rose Diaries

This is Coco Rose Diaries. She likes to crochet.

(I hope you don't mind. But I love her colorful blog so much, I'm featuring it yet again. It's snowing here, and her blog is filled with such warmth.)

I think I am figuring something out about these lovers of yarn I've found across the globe for this blog.

They are fun-loving. They are nurturers. They strongly believe in the word cozy.

That everything could be made better by a little more color or the addition of something homemade.

They treat color like a precious gem. But they are not afraid to use it.

They are very good at the art of display. It seems to be a natural ability.

They are a breath of fresh air.

They are flowers in the bouquet of life.

They are some of the most creative souls I've yet to find.

The very fact of their being illuminates life and all it's possibilities.

I just want to hug them all for bringing us such beautiful photographs.

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  1. Even her supply of knitting needles is colorful.

    So, when are you going to start knitting?

  2. I know I've certainly rekindled my love of knitting since I've started blogging and been exposed to some very talented women out there. I think the basket of yarn balls is such a pretty way to bring color into a room, and you don't even have to be a knitter!

  3. Absolutely love all the bright and cheerful color! These photos show some interesting decorating ideas. I might try out a few.

  4. I have to agree with what you have said about people who knit and crochet and she is a wonderful photographer as well. I love all the colour that she uses!

  5. This is so pretty--makes me want to take up crochet and knitting again--haven't done it for years :)


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