Could You Live In A Garbage Truck?

Garbage truck?

I found this on Apartment Therapy. Now I've seen it all. I think.

I have to hand it to them. The folks that live in this garbage truck are mighty efficient.

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  1. I think living in such a tight space would give me a good case of claustrophobia. It might be okay for a camping trip.
    We're getting snow right now.. I thought it was going to start later tonight.

  2. wow, talk about needing to be extra organized.. I'd like to think I could do it but that is rather compact.. on the bright side I wouldnt be able to accumulate a lot of crap that would end up needing to be dusted...

  3. LOL well yes they are! :) Brenda you do have a knack for unearthing the most interesting things! :)

  4. I agree with C.M. about the claustrophobia. This seems a little too small for my comfort. I'm very organized, but I don't think I could do this.

  5. You should google Tiny House Swoon. It has some of the most amazing small houses!

  6. oh how interesting! yes I can imagine living in something that small! we have 25 foot motorhome that we travel in - mainly for 4 weeks at a time but we have gone up to 8 weeks - just the two of us and we spend a lot of time outside so it isn't bad at all. I have seen these "garbage truck" campers before and the way they have the kitchen set up is awesome - you actually have a little more room then you think and there are a lot of people living in campers full time now - they are normally bigger than our 25 foot home but they are very comfortable.

  7. NO, NO, NO!! I could not stand to live in something this small - God willing. I don't see how you could even turn around in there. Nope, nope, nope.


  8. Brenda . . . yes, I can imagine living here IF I HAD A "STORM CELLAR". This is beautifully done, light, bright with nice windows. I think this is incredibly clever.

  9. I have never seen anything like that before! Well, as long as it doesn't smell like a garbage truck, it would be fine. I'm impressed with how clever it is designed inside!

  10. Wow-now that is really something! Can't say that I could do it, though!

  11. I love the way everything is fitted into the cabinets- safe and efficient.
    Imagine following the sun along all of the beautiful coastal areas of
    thePacific. I think I could do it if it
    meant, right now, I could sit outside
    and hear the surf crashing and smell
    the ocean air. Reminds me of my
    college dorm room which I shared
    with a roomie. There were lots of
    baby boomers at that time and space
    was tight. Was good practice for hard

  12. Yes, Brenda, I could live in a garbage truck if someone else was willing to do the cleaning out first. :-) Those who live in smaller spaces, like this, spend much time outdoors, living space becomes a place to return to for meals and to sleep.

  13. I've seen this before and I thought that the storage solutions were genius and certainly something that can be adapted to any living situation. I'm not sure I would WANT to live in such a tight space, but I could.

  14. Yes, We lived in a 34' motorhome for 5 years. We had wonderful adventures and saw lots of American National Parks. Very thrifty since you can't buy anything with out getting rid of something the same weight and size, Loved every minute of it, - Elaine

  15. WOW this is amazing!! but I could not live in such a small space. It is well organized through and looks so tidy, but I like my stuff around me!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day.XOXO

  16. Only two words describe my feelings about living that way. Oh ick.

  17. I think it would be fun to transform something like that into an efficient place to live. But to live in it, I need to see the bathroom first!

  18. I saw on Apt. Therapy a few weeks ago where a guy in New York had made a home in a dumpster. It was pretty clever inside. The only issue was having to make sure that he rolled it someplace else on trash day. The site even showed him entertaining friends in it. Whatever it takes to survive now a days...

  19. This is unbelievable. I would have to have a huge life outside of my home!


  20. I lived in a travel trailer that my parents owned while I was in college. It was only one semester, but let me tell you that got tiny and this looks even SMALLER! Yikes.

  21. That tight of a space would make me crazy -- but I would sure love some of those built-in kitchen features!

  22. Ha! That is so clever. I couldn't do it full time with 3 kids, but it would be fun to take on vacation!

  23. That's really something! Not for me, though!


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