Episode 15: What Happens In "The Judge?"

The Blacklist season 1 returns with episode 15–”The Judge”–on March 3. What’s going to happen in the episode?

Let’s check out what we know so far:

-A prominent prosecutor is found after having gone missing 12 years ago. Red believes that Ruth Kipling (guest star Diane West), aka “The Judge,” is behind it. 

“The Judge runs an underground criminal appeals process in which those who have wrongly imprisoned and punished others are judged and punished themselves,” the official synopsis says.

-Red investigates Jolene, who tempts Tom while in Orlando at a teacher’s conference. The preview shows Tom and Jolene kissing, after Liz was prevented from going to Orlando because of work. Liz, meanwhile, may be getting involved with Lessler after he canceled dinner plans with his girlfriend to listen to Liz.

-Red is tasked to get the help of one of his assets, “The Cowboy” (guest star Lance Reddick) to find out what Jolene is all about. 

What they find out is shocking, perhaps because, per TVGuide, Jolene has a connection to another Blacklister who we've already met.

-The preview also reveals Red saying “a war is coming.”
-The next episode, airing on March 17, is titled “Mako Tanida.” The description so far: “One of Red’s former associates, a crime lord, becomes the next target; Tom decides to confront Jolene.

 I'll be back with Tweak It at 3 p.m.

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  1. Looks like tonight's episode will be very exciting! Hopefully, some questions will finally be answered. I'm counting the hours until tonight!

  2. I for one hope they DONT answer the question of who's her real dad..:) I think that will take away a lot from the continued interest in the show.. now, we do need to find out some of Red's past and about her husband

    I'll dvr it and watch first thing with my coffee in the morning..

    Happy Watching.

  3. I'm just hoping that Lizzie kicks her sorry SOB husband to the curb! I just don't like Tom!

  4. I love this show! I can't read your most recent post as I haven't watched the episode yet! How did we survive without DVRs? I am so glad he is in another show.


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