Evi's Country Snippets

 If you're not familiar with Evi's Country Snippets and her shop, I have a treat for you. She makes the most wonderful creations.

About Evi...I live in a small town an hour north of New York City on the beautiful Hudson River. I am married to a wonderful and patient man who supports me wherever my fancies take me....be it antiquing, fleamarketing, decorating, etc....... We have a great son and two absolutely wonderful and bright grandkids. I have been creating dolls and other creations since 1984...loving every minute!..... 

My background is in fashion design and marketing. My birthplace is Germany where I lived my first 23 years. In my work, you will often see things that remind me of my childhood in Germany. I have been fortunate to have been recognized for my work. My dolls have been featured in Country Living, Country Accent,General Store,and Early American Life. In 1997 I felt honored to be asked by the Folk Art Museum of New York City to display my work in one of their windows at Rockefeller Center for Christmas. 

I will use my blogs to showcase my new creations and dolls that are for sale and you can still find me exhibiting at a few shows a year. Thank you for stopping by and please visit again soon! 
God bless, Evi

 She has all kinds of collections.

 And guess what? She loves the color red!

 The detail is utterly amazing.

 Aren't these pillows sweet?

The pretty blog kitty.

More fanciful creations.

She collects lace and all kinds of things to use in her shop.

She is a true artist in every way.

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  1. OMG!

    I love her dolls and her style.

  2. Evi is a very talented artist! I love her dolls and creations. Her home is lovely and wonderfully decorated. It's all so very charming.

    The blog kitty is beautiful...

  3. AND she's had a lot of snow..sheesh! Lovely blog and so much talent here...

  4. I've been following Evi for a long time but I had never seen these bedrooms. Oh my gosh, what a fairy tale home she has. I could move right in! Thanks, Brenda.



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