Garden Links For Spring Gardening

I think those of us who have had bad weather and snow and few signs of spring are truly ready for the growing season to begin. 

I have found three links you might be interested in to get your spring juices going...

Fairy gardening has become immensely popular. Take a look above at what there was to work with...

And below, what was made with them...

Gardens in miniature are so fascinating.

This is a new blog I featured recently on Welcome Wagon.

If you're like me and really want to dig in the dirt, go visit these blogs and see if you find some inspiration.

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  1. Happy Saturday,
    I love the garden blogs. I'm knee deep in dirt this weekend. On May 3, 2014 I will be having a garden tour for the Shasta Rose Society scholarship fund.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  2. Love to visit gardening blogs! The fairy gardens are adorable and making one is on my list very soon. :)

  3. Oh yes, I'm so ready to dig in the dirt. I've always admired the fairy gardens and hope to get one started this year. Thanks for sharing the blogs, I'll be checking them out tonight!

  4. Lovely blogs! The sun is shining here and the millions of daffodils in the fields are all swaying nicely. Let's hope this good weather lasts and I can keep on with my digging and pruning.

  5. Lovely inspiration! It was so nice to get some warmer weather and sunshine last week to motivate us to get out in the dirt :) The fairy gardens are adorable!

  6. This is so exciting. I love miniature fairy gardens. I have been looking for inspiration. I am ready to start mine....the weather isn't ready but I may do one for indoors.

  7. Hi hi Brenda. Hope your Sunday is off to a good start. I love gardening. In fact, my soul craves it! Living in Michigan has been rough this winter. Yesterday it was 50 and today it's 16 degrees. I love fairy gardens. I made one in a terrarium for my back porch. Thanks for the inspiration. Yesterday, while in Lowes, I browsed through the latest issue of flea market gardening and was smitten with the photography and ideas. I'll have to check out the links you provided. Had to leave the magazine at Lowes (not in the budget this week. Maybe I'll subscribe because it's much cheaper that way.

  8. Thanks, Brenda. I'm going to check out that last blog.


  9. Thanks for the links! Guess what's working? Didn't do anything different! Enjoy your Sunday! ;)


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