Gardens To Dream About

It is cold and rainy here. I'm typing this in my long-sleeve flannel gown. And it's the end of March. When is spring going to be here?

Well, while I'm impatiently waiting, I looked up some garden photos at the BHG website to give me inspiration.

I love ornamental grasses. They add such texture and dimension to the garden. I plan to put some in containers for my patio.

Just goes to show you can garden most anywhere. Love this roof garden. 

Blue containers are a cool color that blends softly into the background, letting the flowers steal the show.

Oh, this is spectacular!

I want to use more purple in the garden. Just look at that fence. And the lime green and red is perfect with it. 

I can't wait to dig in the dirt! Surely spring is on its way.

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  1. Ahhh! Such glorious pictures! I absolutely love them. Warms me up just gazing at them.

    I love the color purple! We love to use a lot of purple in our container garden. Our front door is a softer purple!

    Thinking of you...

  2. Brenda, Other than the long sleeved gown, you are sounding like my Teddy. He has said the same things this morning. We have snow again. Yuck.. so believe me the garden pictures are so very inviting. xoxo,Susie

  3. Thanks for photos of spring gardens. Here in Mississippi this morning it is a cold, overcast morning. But Spring when it comes will be welcomed with glee!

  4. I was just thinking that maybe if you wanted some grasses planted in your yard, you might be able to pay the gardeners who maintain the premises to dig a few holes for you. I know you must be so excited and eager to move, get it over and be settled in. Well, so are we! Can't wait to see your new place.

  5. loved the BHG inspiration pics.. thanks for the great idea to put grasses in pots.. I'm gonna copy you and do that too:)

  6. These pictures just make me "drool" and more eager to get out and plant more flowers.. I have to go out next week and trim my "wavy" grass so it can come back again this spring and summer.. I just love it and am glad you're going to plant some in pots.. I love to see it blow in the breeze.
    I wish I was still in my jammies.. I'd be warmer.. Sorry you're having the same kind of weather that I am.
    Enjoy your day.. I think looking at gardening books and gardening spots on the internet would be a great way to spend a rainy day..

  7. So beautiful! Thank you-it's cold and dreary here in NY.

  8. Oh I can't wait to get out in my garden, tomorrow is suppose to be near 60, so I'll be heading outside. Because of surgery I never got in my garden once last year, so I am looking forward to my hands down in the soil, the smell of earth and the breeze in my hair while I am in my most favorite place to be, my garden. I love spectacular garden labeled spectacular. Love little rocks outlining the garden beds. The timing of moving is almost perfect, you can stay your garden a new with spring.

  9. I too have Spring Fever. Come on Oklahoma let's get some better weather so we can start planting.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  10. I love the little cottage garden. Surely April will bring warmer temps. xo Laura

  11. Gray and raining here too. I imagine you can get lots of packing done on a day like this. I like the idea of the grasses planted in a pot. That would make for privacy without being invasive.

  12. Those gardens are lovely, each and every one of them. Due to our lack of water here I have dug up most of my flowers and replanted them all in one location. It was difficult to thin them out and not have as many, but I will be happy if what I have saved make it through the summer. I seriously love the purple, red, and yellow little building with that beautiful area in front of it. I am such a fan of day lilies. I have no doubt your area will be just as colorful and beautiful.

  13. I love all the photos especially the last 2. Im not sure when Spring will get here. It has been quite cool over here today. We still have our Easter spell as mom called it. One more blast of cold and maybe snow. Mercy I hope it passes up by.

  14. My handyman came yesterday and was able to straighten out the roof pieces on my gazebo. The cloth didn't tear or rip from the weight of all the ice (back when we had the sudden rush of ice rain and sleet that bent the roof pieces and took forever to get rid of all the ice - there were long ice cicles handing on the inside of the gazebo). I sure was glad, too. The cats and I sat out their yesterday afternoon while it was warm. It's much easier to contemplate the yard when I'm out in it.

    Garden pictures sure help too. I love the purple fence and I don't even particularly like purple. But it sure made that yard look nice. Beautiful ideas.

  15. That cute little colorful house is adorable, and of course, the gardens are indeed spectacular.

    It's rainy and chilly here too. Spring is sure being stubborn this year :(.

  16. I love all your garden photos, so colorful. We have such a small yard,so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your container garden in your new home. It's been quite rainy in our area the last few weeks. I'm looking forward to April and drier weather!

  17. I love the circular pathway with the birdbath in the center. Talk about a low maintenance yard!


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