House Of Hawthornes

Pam at House Of Hawthornes has been one of my regular reads for a long time. 

This girl can find vintage goodies in all kinds of dusty nooks and crannies. She can sniff out a bargain like a hunting dog.

And she's funny. Laugh-out-loud funny.

She made this penny-covered bowling ball years ago. But it is still one of my very favorite things she's done. 

She has all kinds of collectibles she's found for a song.

I love the look of this. She did a great job.

And since we're j-u-s-t about to gardening season, I'm really into finding novel ideas for planting.

Pam, our hearts must beat to the same rhythm. But coffee at your house???

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  1. I love her style too! So jealous over the typewriters she stumbles across lately. If we visited, we'd have to bring our own coffee. :)

  2. The green typewriter, the yellow truck, the sweet banners - wonderful!

  3. These photos show many creative decorating and planting ideas. Tons of inspiration here! I love it all, but especially that sweet circus fairy garden. Actually the Coke Zero sounds pretty good to me...

  4. I love visiting Pam's blog to see what goodies she's found at the thrift store, and to get my daily dose of humor, too! Her circus garden is still one of my favorites. I'm sure we could drive through McDonald's for a cuppa to go.

  5. Thanks for featuring my blog! I'm so excited!

  6. Pam has a really cute sense of style and I love all her vintage pieces. I need to see more of her garden, it looks inspiring!



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