Learning To Garden

Learn To Garden:
Everyone who wants to have a green thumb can easily learn how to garden with a series of horticulture courses that help to begin gardening from the ground up. There are many people who feel like they cannot even get a garden started. 

 However, they can learn how to prepare the soil, what to plant, where to plant and when to plant. There are money components of a home garden that must be considered when the family wants to grow their own herbs, fruits and/or vegetables.

How To Start:
Many people are concerned about handling the soil around their home when they want to begin a garden. There are many lawns that are rife with fertile soil, but there are many people who need go out and purchase top soil that will help them to get their garden off to a good start. Also, there are those who must aerate the soil because it is too hard and plants will not thrive.

Also, there are those who must aerate the soil because it is too hard and plants will not thrive. There are also times when different parts of the lawn need to be prepared differently for different plants. 

What To Plant: 
Planting a garden is something that must carefully planned before the gardener gets started. Many families want to grow food, but only certain types of plants will thrive in their natural climate. 

Families that live in warmer climates have different choices from the family that lives in a naturally colder climate.

The choice of plants and flowers must also be carefully considered so that the homeowner can pick items that can be left outside even in the harshest winters.

When To Plant:
There are times when homeowners must consider when to plant and what they can bring inside when it gets cold outside. The most special plants in the garden can be uprooted and brought inside in a pot if the gardener thinks that the plant can be saved in this manner. Learning how to salvage plants and transfer them from the ground to a pot and vice versa is all part of a horticulture course.

When people are ready to grow their own food or plant a pretty garden, they can learn all the proper techniques and gain knowledge through a course that teaches gardening from the ground up.

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  1. Brenda, I have learned a lot about gardening through trial and error... As many have . I like to read seed catalogs , they give lots of info for shade or sun plantings. I know you love gardening, I hope if you move you have a spot to do a bit of planting. xoxo,Susie

  2. Good advice. Wish I would have thought to take a horticulture course during my gardening days. A lot of mistakes could have been prevented!

  3. Thanks for hosting Brenda! I never thought of putting chocolate chips in a pineapple cake, yum!

  4. I need to learn more. I garden by trial and error, and it can get costly.


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