Muddy Boot Dreams

I have known Jen of Muddy Boot Dreams for quite some time. She is a Canadian gardener and phenomenally talented photographer. 


Boo, possibly the most photographed cat ever. 

Jen's line of greeting cards. I have some. They are so lovely. I even have a framed print of one of her photographs that I cherish.

She can write in a way that enables you to see her vision through her words.

So just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Through Jen's lens.

Jen has an enormous talent. She can take the everyday, the mundane, and elevate it to greatness. I am in awe of her skills. I wish I could see what she sees when she picks up her camera.

Her photos are full of light and tranquility. And at the same time, they can be dark and moody. They are precious gems she captures. 

And then she sets them free.
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  1. Wow! Such breathtaking photos! I can see why you adore your framed print. It really is remarkable how she is able to convey emotions with her photos. I very much look forward to visiting her site.

    Boo sure is a handsome cat...

  2. Brenda, seriously I'm blushing, you have said the nicest things about me, and my work. Thank you for featuring my blog today...I'm so flattered, and I really appreciate it.

    Bootsie is strutting around the house, I made the mistake of telling him that his photos were in the post also. Cats ... lol.


  3. Oh my goodness - what an incredible photographer!

    Steve only paints from his own photographs, but I wish he could paint that wonderful second to last painting.

    On another note, have you ever visited

  4. I just love Jen's photo's and her writing. She has such a kind, gentle spirit and I've so enjoyed getting to know her. What an amazing photographer she is. You really wrote a beautiful post, Brenda.


  5. Jen's blog is one of my favorites. Her writing and her photos are inspirational.

  6. I've been following Jen's blog for many years. She is very talented indeed! Thanks for showcasing her talents here.


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