The Blacklist: Tom's Secret

When a new cyber defense asset gets stolen all roads lead to a Russian cyber terrorist known only as “Ivan” (guest star Mark Ivanir). With Red’s (James Spader) assistance, Liz (Megan Boone) discovers a huge cover-up. Meanwhile, new evidence surrounding the disappearance of Jolene (guest star Rachel Brosnahan) helps unravel some of the mystery behind Tom (Ryan Eggold).

Who is this young man?

Is Liz walking into a trap?

Will Donald Ressler help her pick up the pieces?

Just what are Tom's motives, and why was he compelled to marry Liz just to carry out his mission?

{I'll be back this afternoon with Tweak It.}

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  1. oh wow.....

    this is gonna be a great one... I sure wish all of us who love this show could get together and watch it. would that be a fun night, or what~!!
    I'll bring the chips- popcorn and assorted soda's... maybe a big box of cupcakes too...

    got the drv set , in case I fall asleep early.

    1. Once I couldn't stay awake and missed the last 15 minutes of the show and was so upset with myself. Sure wish we could all do that, Sonny!

  2. do wonder what his mission is and why he went to so far as to marry her and plan on adopting a child to keep her in a marriage?

    1. I know! That's going pretty far, no matter what the "mission" is.

  3. Excellent idea, Sonny! We'd have a fantastic time! I'll bring the pizza!

    I just can't figure out why Tom wanted to get so close to Liz that he married her. To get FBI information out of her? Info about Red? Maybe something from her past? Well, we know the answer will be twist or turn in the plot! I absolutely love this show! I'm literally counting the hours...

    1. Well, goodness, we have to have chocolate, so I'd be sure to bring that! You're right, Gayle. So many twists and turns you just don't know what's going to happen next. Like a head in a box for a gift!

  4. All I can say is there's lots of yelling and screaming and Oh No's in our house at the end of the show! My daughter and I are huge fans of it! I wake up Monday morning and go, Yeah, it's Blacklist night!

    1. I do the same thing, Annette. Does that mean we don't have a life? If it's something wry and funny that Red says, I start cackling, and the dogs run from the room.

    2. I'm afraid my life is pretty limited due to care taking, so we live vicariously thru Red!

  5. I can't read this yet, Brenda, because I am so far behind in watching. xo Diana

  6. We understand. You gotta get caught up so you can dish here with the girls!


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