The Blacklist Preview: Who Is Tom?

Is this the real Tom? Click here to watch a video clip.

He has been the supportive but somewhat neglected spouse of a dedicated FBI agent. He has been a man who wants to adopt a baby with his wife Lizzie. He has been a disarming school teacher who, on the surface, seems absolutely harmless. 

But is he???

First we saw him tortured...

Then there was a mystifying discovery that Liz made...

She did not believe the evidence she found under the floor boards in their apartment...

Then Lucy/Jolene came into the picture, trying to seduce the mild-mannered school teacher.

Red has been warning Lizzie about her husband from the beginning. She refused to believe him.

Just who is Tom Keen? And what is his mission?

Sometime soon, possibly in the next episode, Liz finds out about Tom’s huge secret, reported E! News, adding “The fallout is pretty spectacular.” That would be that Liz is actually Tom’s target.

“Agent Keen will turn to”Tom”‘s “older brother” to get the truth about his background. Unfortunately, there is something not right about Liz’s “brother-in-law” either. (So many quotes of doubt!) In fact, he may have a connection to Jolene,” according to TV Guide.

The actor who plays Tom teased viewers, saying that ”If indeed Tom is who he says he is and is some kind of assassin or con man, Tom’s going to flip … you’re going to see a side of Tom you’ve never seen before.”

-Episode 17
Titled “Ivan,” this episode features a Russian cyber terrorist known only as “Ivan” (guest star Mark Ivanir), who is suspected of stealing a new cyber defense asset. Red and Liz discover a huge cover up.
Meanwhile, new evidence surrounding the disappearance of Jolene helps unravel some of the mystery behind Tom.

Don't miss tonight's episode, Blacklist fans.

I'll be back later with Tweak It.

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  1. Blacklist intrigues me as well and I'm glad they have finally gotten to the Tom "stuff" I have been wondering about that guy :) what is a link to Judy and I will wish her a happy b. d hope you don't have a stress fracture - you don't need that with the move coming up.!!

    1. I've put the steel boot that goes up to my knee back on. Last time I had a stress fracture, they put me in a cast up to my knee, and I got around on a knee scooter. Can't have that!

  2. Is Judy 20 North Ora? I certainly hope so, because I just wished that Judy a happy birthday!

    I'm so looking forward to The Backlist tonight! I need a short nap, so I can stay up that late.

    I'm really upset about your ankle/leg. So sorry this happened to you. Will keep my fingers crossed it's not a fracture.

    1. Yes, it is 20 North Ora. I just went back and put the link in the post. I didn't think to do that.

      This ankle thing sure puts a kink in everything.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your leg! That is so sad and discouraging.....I will pray for you!

    1. Well, this ankle injury is a lifetime problem. And these things are just going to happen I guess.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle/leg. Hope it's not a stress fracture.
    Hope you girls have fun at lunch!

  5. Yes, can't wait for Blacklist tonight! I'm a huge fan. Oh no, let's hope it's not a fracture. Please just wear that boot. Wish I could be there to help you out.

  6. I'm going to wish Judy a happy birthday! So sorry about your leg, this injury is always going to give you problems isn't it. I am looking forward to tonight's Blacklist episode. Tom's character is intriguing! Take care.
    hugs, Linda

  7. So sorry to hear about your leg! Will pray that it heals quickly and that you are able to get around easier. Please, take good care of yourself!

  8. I always DVR Blacklist (we also watch Castle) and watch it Tuesday Morning. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. Please take care of yourself!

  9. I love your Blacklist Blog! I am a big fan too. I have to admit that I just couldn't watch the shows where they were torturing Red but my husband filled me in on the details. Hoping everything goes well with your leg.

  10. Wow, this show just gets better and better! Spader is as good in this as Anthony Hopkins was in Silence of the Lambs. Just a fantastic actor and the show is a perfect vehicle for his talents!
    Have a great day!


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