The Blacklist Recap & Tomorrow's Java Talk Topic

They showed Red at this desk quite a few times last night. I should have realized it was integral to the show. I figured it was some sort of hobby. Not true! It was to be the catalyst to the most exciting part of last night's episode.

There was a 17 year old boy taking over the city with his techie skills. But instead of some sort of plot that was international in scope, turns out he was just in love with the daughter of someone important on the show. Can't fight those adolescent hormones!

He was wreaking havoc all over the city because he wanted the attention of a girl at his school.

And then there was Liz, saying to Red how glad she was to have Tom to go home to. She was angry with him, and wanted to show her allegiance to her husband. Red played it cool and she left in a huff. He continued with his project. 

Mr. Kaplan calls Red out to inspect an open grave with a woman and a man, which we know to be The Cowboy and Jolene/Lucy. He tells Mr. Kaplan to cover it back up and then proceeds to call in a missing persons report on Jolene/Lucy.

Aram says he found Lucy’s last call, turns out it was to Liz. The tidbits of information are adding up.

Then there was the scene when Liz called Tom on his cell phone and asked him if he recognized an address, the same address where he was currently located. He then started ripping photos off the wall, some of Liz that I could see, and took them outside and started burning them. 

There was a scene when they were about a foot apart, separated by a door. But it didn't have them meeting face to face. Instead he jumped her inside and ran away. She was not able to name her attacker. 

Liz goes home to Tom and says she just wants a bottle of wine and to relax. He is the ever-accommodating fourth grade school teacher cooking dinner. She says she feels so guilty about having Lucy Parker, a convicted felon, she has just found out, into their home. Tom tells her she couldn't have known. That you never really know someone. 

Liz opens up her laptop and finds images of evidence at the site. She sees the Hippo that she gave Tom in the photos. Liz starts remembering the past, and about Red warning her about Tom. Ever the coy FBI Agent, she plays it cool to make sure he doesn’t notice anything.

I was on the edge of my seat. Tom watched her from nearby, trying to sense what she knew. She said it was just work. 

Liz goes to Red and says that he was right. He lets her in. Red opens up the music box he's been working on all during this episode, and turns it on.

It’s a song that is familiar to Liz. She begins to remember the past... something about fire and smoke.

Watch the last scene on video to refresh your memory. Turn up your volume. It was most assuredly one of this show's best moments. 
Now Let's Look At Some Important Facts That We've Witnessed On The Blacklist:

What’s the significance of the date March 22, 1987? 
During the Swan Lake performance, Red sees a vision of a young ballet dancer (presumably his daughter). As revealed by the program, the original performance took place on March 22, 1987. Was this the last time Red saw his daughter perform?

3 Years? 
At his old family home, the height marker for Red’s daughter appears to stop at 3 years, possibly making her 26 years old today if we factor in 1990 as the time he apparently abandoned her. What happened to Red’s daughter from the age of 3? Was this the last time Red saw her?

Trying to Forget? 
Red buys and then blows up the house where he raised his family, because he spends every day “trying to forget what happened here.” No doubt this is tied to the mystery surrounding his wife and, perhaps especially, his daughter. Question is, what specifically happened in that house; what memories does he want to forget?

Why did Red support Liz financially without her knowledge? 
According to Agent Tom, Red not only kept tabs on Liz over the past 20 years, but he supported her financially by funneling money through her adoptive father Sam. This is paralleled by Red funding the ballet company to perform Swan Lake as a reminder of his (presumed) daughter’s performance.

Red reminisces with Liz's terminal adoptive father. The adoptive father says he wants to tell her. Red, in an act of compassion and/or not wanting her to know, puts a pillow over the sick man's face and smothers him.

The truth about Red’s family?  
Lizzie claims Red abandoned his family in 1990. However, FBI Dir. Diane Fowler claims to know what really happened to Red’s family on “that night” and asks whether he wants to know “the truth”. Red does, “more than anything in the world,” but kills her for being the mole and because “if you know what happened, then somebody else does too.”

All of which suggests there’s much more to the story of Red ‘abandoning’ his family than initially meets the eye. It seems they may have been taken from him in some shape or form, and he doesn’t know exactly what happened. But what did happen to them?

The Fire? 
Liz goes through her adopted father’s belongings and discovers a stuffed bunny rabbit with scorch marks. This triggers haunting memories of a fire from her childhood, which brings her to tears. Red later comforted her with the music box (“Ivan”), but what’s the significance of this event? Who started the fire? How did Liz escape the fire? Is this how she got the scar on her hand?

Who is the mysterious young woman in the photo? 
Red removes a photo of a young woman from the Stewmaker’s book of victims, before handing the book over to Liz. The date on her photo (December, 1990) corresponds with the year Red apparently abandoned his daughter. Who is she? Why didn’t Red want Liz to see the picture? 

Red’s Daughter? 
Was Red’s daughter an aspiring ballet dancer who performed Swan Lake years ago at the Le Blanc School of Ballet.

So much to take in. Pieces starting to come together. And at the same time, some things becoming yet more ambiguous. I cannot wait to watch each episode and be granted another piece of this brilliant puzzle.

Here is a blog I found that appears to be dedicated to The Blacklist.

Tomorrow on Java Talk we will be discussing alternative medicines, home remedies, and the things we've learned to help keep us well without seeking a medical doctor. I'll be here, coffee in hand, in the morning around 9 a.m. Please join me as we learn from one another!

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  1. Blacklist just keeps evolving doesn't it. I keep thinking Lizzie is Red's daughter but it is so predictable that I wonder - would they have made it so obvious the whole season? I thought for a little bit in last nights episode that she would see Tom but it worked out better than she didn't.

  2. Once again, an excellent summary, Brenda. I've always felt that Liz is Red's daughter, but now I'm not so sure. Didn't Red tell Liz, "I've never lied to you."? If that's the truth, then Red isn't Liz's father because he told her point blank that he wasn't. Such a captivating show, with all its twists and turns. I'm looking forward to next week's episode!

  3. Brenda, thank you for your weekly summaries, and this one where you went back and catalogued a lot of details! I only have one question that doesn't make sense to me - Red couldn't have been watching his daughter dance in 1987 (when she had to have been at LEAST 3 years old in his memory) and she also be 3 years old in 1990. Did I miss something where this could be consistent?

  4. That ballet program really caught my attention last week. Maybe he had children, but possibly Lizzie is not his as his answer of "no" when asked if she was his daughter. And he says he has never lied to her. Oh, that Tom!! What a horrible person. HIS story-line will be fascinating to learn. I keep wondering HOW in the world they will end the season. They can't tell us TOO MUCH, or else Season 2 will be kind of a let down. So there has to be even more that we need to find out.... that we don't even realize yet. It is like reading a wonderful book ~ I want badly to read that last chapter, but I do not want it to end!!!! What a conundrum!! And, I know that is exactly what they want us to feel. The writing in this show is brilliant!


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