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Last night on the Blacklist the episode began in Tokyo where a Japanese prisoner was in the process of escaping.

We then saw Jolene/Lucy insinuate her way into Tom and Liz's home on the pretense of looking for an apartment for she and her fictional fiance. This did not make Tom happy. We start to see glints of anger in his eyes.

You could see the real Tom showing through his quirky school teacher smile. His eyes were murderous behind his glasses. 

I always wondered why they chose a character that wore glasses. The way he would take them off to clean them made me understand that the glasses were to be an important part of the story. 

Now I see that he is even more ominous when he carefully takes off his glasses, folds them up, and begins to kill. It's all for dramatic effect. And it works.

On this show there are always several stories going on at once. Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff), had three precious months with Audrey, thanks to Reddington. 

Then he finds out that his best friend Billy was his enemy all along. This became clear after the two had taken crime lord Mako Tanido into custody and were in the process of driving him somewhere. 

Naturally Red (the man who knows everything all the time) led Ressler straight to Tanido so he could exact his revenge.

Have you noticed that Donald Ressler has been getting more and more handsome with each episode? And that they're beginning to use his first name? A way to personalize him for what is to come I think. 

His love for Audrey showed a different side of Ressler. A softer side, rather than the somewhat mechanical and stoic demeanor he shows in his role as an FBI agent.

Ressler is hurting. Liz will be hurting...

I think it could lead to these two being together...

Doesn't it seem highly probable that Audrey was brought back into Ressler's life to soften him up, to show this side of him? And where will Lizzie be when it is discovered that Tom is not "Tom." That just may lead to them consoling one another. What are your thoughts on this possibility?

Liz's FBI team have figured out who Billy really is, and they're rushing to find Ressler before he kills him.

There is a scuffle with a gun in the car Billy is driving, with Ressler in the passenger seat and Tanido in handcuffs in the back seat. Billy loses control and runs off the road. This is after it came to light that Billy was the reason Audrey is dead.

When Ressler comes to in the wrecked car, he sees that Tanido is still in the back, but Billy is gone. He squirms his way out of the battered vehicle and starts chasing Billy through the snow.

A tender moment

While Billy seeks a few moments to catch his breath, Ressler catches up to him. There is a conversation where Billy keeps telling him he is his best friend. Ressler tells him to take "the sword" like an honorable man. (This is what happened at the beginning of the show with Tanido and an FBI agent.) Billy refuses. Tells him to shoot him because he's not sticking that in his stomach.

Ressler says: "My worst enemy brought Audrey back to me, and my best friend took her from me again." (Seems to me that Red has become a pretty good ally to Ressler. He already saved his life once.)

By this time the FBI has caught up with them. Liz pleads with Donald not to shoot Billy and end up spending his life in prison. Donald Ressler wavers, shoots into the snow and hands her his gun. Billy doesn't want to be a cop in prison, so he does indeed push the knife into his stomach as Donald had told him to do.

Donald rushes back to the vehicle and sees that Tanido has escaped.

Then Ressler is seen in his home. Audrey had been moving some of her things in just before he rushed her out, supposedly to safety, and they were subsequently run off the road and Audrey was killed.

With Audrey dead and Tanido in the wind, he starts going through the things she'd just brought to his place, and finds a pregnancy test. Audrey, it seems, was pregnant. Which makes the loss even more unbearable.

Tom followed The Cowboy who was following Jolene in order to take her to Red, as he was told, and Tom took The Cowboy down. 

Tom tells Jolene she is to call Liz and tell her her fiance suddenly got a job in Ohio and will not be needing an apartment. Jolene/Lucy then turns away and calls the real estate agent and repeats the story.

The Cowboy had been chained or cuffed to a chair. He told her not to listen to Tom, that if she did what he said, Tom would kill her and then him. But she didn't listen. Tom does kill her and then shoots The Cowboy. (And I was just beginning to kind of like The Cowboy too!)

Tom buries the bodies and is at home taking a shower to wash the blood off when Liz comes home. She surprises him by getting into the shower with him. She is all lovey-dovey, and Tom, still a man on his mission, returns her advances and starts kissing her. Meanwhile blood is swirling down the shower drain.

Earlier in the show we saw Red at a ballet theater. He seems to be a connoisseur of the arts. Now he is there to watch the ballet. His bodyguard/right hand man is behind him, as usual.

Red sends him out to run an errand while he enjoys the ballet performance.

The bodyguard is next seen knocking at Ressler's door. Donald Ressler opens the door and is handed a big ornate box, a gift from Reddington. Donald shuts the door and opens the box. I should have figured out what was in it, but it happened so quickly I didn't.

Red has sent Ressler Tanido's head. Like a cat brings a dead rat to the door, he has given Ressler what he wanted: revenge. Red sought revenge for him when Donald could not.

Ressler reads Red's letter to him, with Red narrating.

It is obvious now that Red has in the past gone through a very difficult and life-altering loss. There are hints here and there. He is not just a witty magician who seems to be everywhere at once. He is a man who has suffered deeply. And from time to time, it shows through. A crack in his armor.

Jolene is now gone, killed by Tom because she was intruding upon his life, and buried in some nondescript grave with The Cowboy.

Perhaps now I can stop humming that darned song...

Tomorrow on Java Talk, we shall be talking recipes. Do you have a go-to favorite that uses few ingredients? Do you have a meal that is very economical to cook? Maybe you tend to cook enough for leftovers and have some tips for the rest of us. 

Let's talk food. See you in the morning.


  1. You know how much I enjoy the show. A new twist and turn around every corner. And I think you right about Ressler and Lizzie. Time will tell when it's revealed exactly who Tom is and his purpose in this fascinating program. Yes, Red runs very deep, a man who has overcome much adversity. Can't wait to see what next Monday reveals!

    1. Oh, and every expression speaks volumes on his face.

  2. I didn't read this, Brenda, because I missed the show and want to see it first. DARN that I missed it...just crazy busy here with the new baby- xo Diana

    1. Well, we all know that the baby had your attention! But you're gonna love the episode. Except for the head you're going to see...

  3. I really love this show! Tonight's episode was exceptionally good. A lot of new developments that I sure didn't see coming, particularly with Tom! I completely agree with you about Donald and Lizzie. I can't wait to see if we are correct! And yes, I think Donald has become more handsome! Looking forward to the next episode. The preview was exciting!

    Excellent summary of this episode, Brenda...

    1. I was never attracted to redheads. How have they made him more handsome each week, I wonder?

  4. My goodness, this show is full of twists, turns and intrigue! I don't watch it. Just reading about it and hearing how everyone is getting killed gives me the heebie jeebies. (I don't like violence very much. I'm a bit of a whoos that way).

    1. There must not be much on TV for you to watch then!

  5. I liked all the twists and turns the show had on Monday night. I too and wondering more about Tom - at least they finally made him interesting - but who does he work for and what is his mission - a mission so important that he married Lizzie and even was going to adopt a child to tie her to him in some way? And still what does Red have to do with it all because we know it will all tie back to him - is he Lizzie's father? and what does that have to do with it?

    1. You're right. He was willing to adopt a baby. I suppose he knew he wouldn't be around to raise it though and Lizzie would. Unless he knew she'd be dead. How cruel to the baby!

  6. Brenda, when the episode was over, I felt myself exhale as if I hadn't been breathing for an hour!! It was a really amazing one, and I think there were a LOT of pieces of info thrown out to us to further develop the characters. I, too, think that Donald is looking much more handsome these days. Tom is a horrible horrible man. I was liking The Cowboy, too, and was sad when he was killed. Jolene ~ not so much. The blood going down the shower drain was SO effective to that piece of the story. Oh, how I wanted Red to open that Ballet program from 1987 that he was holding in his hand at the performance ~ because I was SURE it would list Lizzie in there as the little girl dancing. I think the writers of this show are brilliant. How they bring everything through a gigantic maze and then wrap it together is astounding. I seriously can not wait for next Monday night.

    1. Oh, how did you come up with Lizzie and the ballet? Boy, you should be writing for TV! I can't wait either. I thought about that show all day Monday while packing.

  7. As I was watching the show I was thinking the same thing about Donald and Lizzie finding solace in each other. Wouldn't that be interesting???? My heart dropped when he pulled the home pregnancy test out of her bag. I'm kind of done with Tom at this point.

    1. I wonder what attracted her to a grade school teacher? Not that there's anything wrong with grade school teachers. But he's so geeky. I guess that makes the drama surrounding him even better.

  8. I always thought that Tom was just too good to be true. In a typical marriage I don't think the husband would be nearly as accommodating as he was. Especially when it came to his wife's very dangerous job which was continually putting them both at risk. I think I am one of the few people that just didn't trust him from the start. Those glasses were a nice touch, to make him look like an innocent school boy, but it just didn't work for me.

    1. I had an eerie feeling when she came home and he was all beat up and that long gone black list character was holding him hostage. Then when he was in the hospital, I just got this feeling about him...

  9. OMG!!! Ressler/ Klattenhoff is HOT!!!!


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