Thoughts From Alice

Alice and her husband.

Alice blogged at AliceW for quite a few years on Typepad before she switched to Blogger.

She has been in lots of magazines, and is well known for her photography skills.

Her home is what I would call an eclectic understated style. By that, I mean that she strives for simplicity in all that she does.

She is a woman who may have missed her era. And gotten mixed up in the wrong century.

There is something...something about her photographs that capture your attention and then your full gaze. I'm not certain quite what that characteristic is.

Even though many of the objects she photographs are "dark" in theme, there is a still a softness that compels you to look a bit closer. To try to see what she saw.

She has embraced her old house. Weathered and faded though it may be. And loved it.

Because that is really reminiscent of life. Of time passing. Of peering into a camera and seeing fleeting moments and trying to capture them. 

Because you must see more than what is in front of you to be a good photographer.

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  1. Each photo had something to love! I also love that these are reminiscent of old - fashioned photographs. Very moody.

  2. Thank you so much Brenda! What an honor! You made my day :)

  3. That spring mantel with the pitchers and baskets is wonderful.

  4. I do remember her blog from way back when and her features in magazines. I think I'll go check out her blog. I love your last sentence.



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