Upgrade Your Kitchen For Spring

There's spring cleaning. And then there's getting rid of things that don't work well or efficiently. For instance, I haven't used my dishwasher in over two years. The thing takes hours to run. I can just imagine the electricity and water its wasting when I could have rinsed it all in the sink and let it air dry.

But there are really efficient ones on the market now. So if your household is like mine, and as spring is here, it's time to examine kitchens and discuss remodeling or refurbishing with new appliances.

Renovating a kitchen is a cost-effective way of upgrading your house because you can recoup the expenditure upon resale, a consideration in the real estate market.

I'm renting at this time, but new appliances for the kitchen are a wise investment. We remodeled our house in Texas and the kitchen was the very first thing that was planned.

Many commercial kitchens in the United States and Europe use new kitchen stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and trash compactors for reliable solutions to operating an efficient and effective kitchen environment. These appliances should have a reputable name, as well as a reputation for durability, and easy repair.

New appliances can add to the value of your house and provide the level of durability that is needed to make you and your family comfortable even if you aren't planning to resell your house at this time.

In 2013, the new French Door Refrigerator was produced, designed for ease of access as well as convenience in the kitchen. An innovation for 2014 is being instituted in dishwashers.

By using consumer research, it has been found that more than half of dishwasher users believe that their dishwasher is ineffective in cleaning, and 57 percent of consumers believe that current cycles take too long. In response, a new line of dishwashers featuring a 30-Minute Fast Wash cycle that provides a professional clean.

Thirty minutes, folks! Instead of the two hours mine was running.

Features of these new dishwashers are:
 1) "Fast Wash" cycle that thoroughly cleans and dries dishes in 30 minutes
 2) ProClean with SatelliteSpray Arm technology providing considerable more water coverage than a   traditional dishwasher.
 3) Third Level Rack which offers space for spatulas and kitchen tools

Think of durability and reputation of your appliances as well as innovations and consider adding appliances to your remodel. You might need a new:

Trash Compactor

On the other hand, you may already have one of these appliances. Parts and accessories are available: refrigerator water and air filters, cleaners, and installation kits; stove filters and accessories including air filters, cleaning materials, and installation kits; dishwasher filters, rinse aids, cleaners, and installation kits; and trash compactor filters, bags, cleaning supplies, and installation kits.

If you decide to move the refrigerator to another area and need another installation kit, it is available from the manufacturer. Shop kitchen accessories and parts for the most reliable selection of needs for your kitchen.

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  1. For me, great timing on this post! I've been having problems with my 17 year old dishwasher. Will probably need to replace it in the next year. My son-in-law can install it. It's nice to know that the new ones are faster and more efficient than ours is. Of course, I can always hand wash, like you do for maximum efficiency! And save myself some money.

    I truly hope your packing is going well and you are making good progress.

  2. I need a new frig, but it's just not in the budget. Maybe later this year. Will have to make the decision as which style to buy: side by side, or freezer on the bottom. I've been told the freezer on the bottom is more economical to run. My realtor told me that many homes being built now are not putting in trash compactors like they used to.

    1. My experience with the side by side is that the freezer doesn't hold a lot of food since it's so narrow. Just a thought. Good luck making your decision!

  3. I got rid of my garbage disposal in the sink when I redid my kitchen. Just too loud and I think dangerous if a spoon or something would fall into in or some curious little 4-year old decides to stick his hands in it - no way. My dishwasher I left it was not that old - but I never use it. Some of my dishes and utensils are vintage and the dishwasher would ruin them. Also I like to wash dishes by hand, there is something very tranquil and meditative about hand-washing, and the hot soapy water feels so good on my hands. Maybe that's why I rarely get colds!

    1. Oh gosh- I agree! I have never liked garbage disposals !!

    2. When we moved into our current house we installed a garbage disposal and have nothing but problems with it clogging up our older pipes...was a bad move on our part. So now we only turn it on when something get past the strainer. It's not that the disposal was not good we got the top of the line...so think about your pipes if your in an older home!

  4. loooove your spring kitchen!!!!! angie from germany

  5. We are in need of new dishwasher. Ours is absolutely terrible. I'm the dishwasher as of late.

  6. the dishwasher here is fairly new but it doesnt suit me.. maybe in a few years I can get one of the newest models- like the 30 minute one you posted about..

    I am loving the new french door fridge and the double freezer in the bottom. I bought a huge one and it barely fit in the hole they left for one but the guys squeezed it in there :) I would have taken out the upper cabs if I'd had too. cant use the dang things anyway , they are way too high.

    I'm getting ready to do a post about this kitchen== later tonight-- I hope you'll come by and give me your honest opinion about what should do with them...


    1. Sonny, I did have to shift upper cabinets to fit my new refrigerator in.. Didn't think to measure before the fridge was purchased..

  7. Good afternoon! From an energy efficient stand-point ....... the appliances that run better (and well-maintained) will curb electric consumption. Kitchen is a top area (and as you said - for resale value as well). But first and foremost - you want energy efficient heating and cooling. "SEER" levels are important and most utility companies offer free home energy surveys with incentives that also include efficient windows and window treatments (keep cool in during summer and heat in during winter) and window and door sealants. You can also close vents on rooms you might not use (kids rooms away at college, guest rooms etc) I'm obsessed after 22 years of service with our electric company :) My next step will definitely be down-sizing when I can talk the family in to it ..........I would much rather heat and cool less space and have rooms you use cozy and comfy even in extreme winter and summer months :)

  8. The dishwasher at our rental is top of the line, but it's a pain to put dinner plates in it because the bottome rack is too close to the middle rack. It has the three racks that you spoke of and when we first moved here I was convinced there was no where to put utensils because I didn't know the top rack was there!

    Our dishwasher at the cabin in terrible. Takes way too long and sometimes the water accumulates on the bottom, necessitating bringing out the wet vac. It has to go.

    The French door fridges have been around for a lot longer than just last year. I'm thinking at least seven years, but that's just a guess. I know when I was redoing our kitchen in our former house several years ago it was an option.

  9. I would like to turn my kitchen into a dining room and add on a whole new kitchen.. The counter space leaves much to be desired and there are not many cabinets.. There isn't a window over the sink either.. I'd love a farmhouse sink and an island. I've had two side by side refridgerator/freezers.. The freezers do not hold much food..
    A remodeled kitchen is one of the best selling features for a house that is on the market..

  10. Our dishwasher broke last year and we were graciously given a "new" one by some friends. It's actually an older Whirlpool model and the funny thing is, it works better than our previous dishwasher, even though it's an older model! It washes the dishes better, too. And the cycle is not long. The only drawbacks are that it's not "pretty" like newer models are these days - you can tell by looking at it that it's old and it's also noisy. But I am not complaining - it was free! Our friends saved us at least $600 - which we don't have.

  11. Brenda, when you move to your new place have you thought of using your dishwasher there for storage? My mom used to store her pots and pans in hers along w/ some bigger serving pieces and extra plates and bowls. Then she only needed a few plates, mugs, bowls, glasses in the cupboard. Just a thought. (She was by herself and liked to wash her dishes as she used them in the day as you said you do.) Have a good weekend and don't over-do it!!


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