Very First Blooms

The very first blooms each spring are so special to me.

There's nothing quite like just walking outside and surprise! There they are.

The pupsters when they don't know they're being observed. Despite all the spats, this is puppy love.

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  1. Gorgeous photos of the bird and flowers! It sounds like the unit change is going to be advantageous for you! ♡

  2. I went to my grandson's grave yesterday and low and behold... there were 2 green sprigs from a bulb I planted in the summer. I have no idea what it was but it is emerging from the cold earth!!! I love first blooms too!!! your pics are awesome!!

  3. no sign of buds here in Toronto, in fact more snow forecast for Tuesday. Love your photos of spring's arrival...

  4. Those are the best pictures of the pupsters-when they aren't expecting it. Love those first blooms of the Spring, too, Brenda. xo Diana

  5. I can't wait to see those first blooms the photo of your pups!

  6. No blooms or buds here yet! What are yours - snowdrops? I just read your other post about moving into a different unit - a better one. Hooray! So happy for you.

  7. I always enjoy the beautiful pictures that you share. Seeing spring's first blooms really made me smile. We are far from spring with a lot of snow still on the ground and more expected. The picture of your darling pupsters is so sweet! Thanks for brightening my day...

  8. We've got nada! Not a bloom in sight. Thankfully most of the snow is gone, but we're in for frigid temps tomorrow and the possibility of snow later in the week. The doggums are adorable as they look out the window. Your bird photos are always amazing! And regarding Mr. J, yes, time flies, doesn't it? Have a great week, Brenda!

  9. My heart flutters when I see first blossoms! Your fur babies are so very darling! xo Jen

  10. Lovely photos especially those cute pupsters! Xx

  11. I am happy to see the daffodils and crocus blooming here, and last night I noticed that the trees outside my window are starting to leaf out. What a spirit booster. xo Laura

  12. I'm getting first blooms also but I'm afraid for the bad weather we're getting Tuesday into Wednesday....SNOW again....I swear it's never going to end!!

  13. The pupsters remind me of an old married couple :).

    No blooms here. Ugh!

  14. Love the first of your flowers. I saw daffies starting in my back yard. Hope the snow tonight melts quickly and doesn't freeze them out.
    My dogs are the same way. The Yorkie is so bossy to the Springer. He is the lover. But it's so cute when they lay together on the doggie mat.
    Hope you have a good week ahead.

  15. Spectacular photos, Brenda! And I agree with you - I get absolutely giddy with the first blooms!

  16. This is so got some lovely shots of the flowers. And that bird...we definitely do not have those around here. The eyes! Is it like a myna bird?

    I am going hunting in my yard tomorrow for some sprouts! :)


  17. Great photos, Brenda. No blooms here yet :)


  18. Beautiful flower and pup and bird pictures, Brenda! We have daffodils blooming now, as well as some flowering shrubs and vines. I agree--I do like this time of year!


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