Welcome Wagon Friday 3/28/14

Up for you this week I have...

She's got her house all dressed up for spring and Easter.

She thought this was a doll house. Turns out it's a bird house.

More spring decor.

I'm so ready to see some spring greenery!

Okay Welcome Wagon volunteers, do your thing!

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  1. Another trio of new blogs to visit. I love Welcome Wagon Friday! Each week, I'm always delighted by the wonderful blogs you choose. Thank you for that!

  2. Brenda, this is such a wonderful thing you do for us "newbies"! It really means alot to me to be one of your selections for this week. Thank you, thank you!!

  3. I love WELCOME WAGON FRIDAY !!!! I'm not that tech savvy ..........when I first started following blogs, I would just click on "join this site". I wish I could follow these featured Friday folks....but I don't see those same buttons on many blogs these days. My son set up google to where I hit "follow" but those don't come up on my blogger dashboard. Love, 70s kid living in modern world ! LOL

  4. Hey Brenda do you ever see places for revampin a mobile home? Nothing I do here helps. It is still a mobile home. No nick knacks nothing can change it on a 0 budget.

  5. Always lovely blogs to check out. Thanks for all of the introductions Brenda.


  6. Thank you so much Brenda fort featuring my blog today! It means to so much to have some other blogger support and encouragement :) Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. I just spent the most amazing time on your blog today girl. Thanks for all the inspiration. Have a good day :-)



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