Where To Start?

So much to think about...

So much to do...

I've started by going through books. I can shave a lot of the fiction out. If I've read it and it isn't something I think about reading again, it's out. But the reference books, decorating and gardening, seem to tag along with me wherever I go.

 I look around and tell myself I need to start...something. But where to put things? Stack them up? The dogs get upset whenever they see me do something that does not appear normal. Like taking books out of bookshelves and stacking them on tables. 

So I guess I will give myself this weekend to think. Adjust my thinking. Adjust to the reality of it all. And then hopefully come up with a game plan.

There's still a bit of snow on the ground, not much. I went outside a while ago and tried to pry one of the bird houses off the garage. And then thought: What if the birds already have built nests in there? I can't see in because they're up high. But I've seen birds coming in and out. So do I take the birds, nest, house and all?

Well, I have some time. I'll figure it out. 

Your brain just sort of turns to mush when all these things have to be taken care of in some fashion, but there are so many things to be done that you're not sure what to tackle first.

Maybe my brain will have shifted gears and I'll be in "get things done" mode. I can "skin a house" really fast, or I use to be able to. This time around, I am moving a bit slower and will have to take lots of breaks off my feet. 

But it will get done. One way or another. And I thank you all for your wonderful well wishes. It meant a lot to me.

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  1. when do you move? you might start by packing clothing that you do not need before then?

  2. I can't imagine moving, which may be the reason we have lived in our home for 41 years! Lol You are so organized Brenda, I'm sure it will all come together very soon. Have a nice weekend pondering! ♥

  3. Hi Brenda! Again, I'm proud for you. Since the doggies like Judy so well, maybe she could take them over to her house and doggy sit a bit for you? Just a thought.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Brenda, I have been in my home for 19 years, I cannot even imagine where I would begin if I had to move. My thoughts are with you and praying you will have help when you actually do move!!!

  5. Brenda I was so overwhelmed when I decided to move and it was hard to start, but I did. Then I moved earlier then I planned and while I'm glad I did, it was hard. You will get it done I know. Trying to edit things out a bit more will help. I take it this is a one bedroom place? Your great decorating skills and how to will make it amazing I know. Hugs, Linda

  6. I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed right now. Hopefully, after relaxing for awhile, you'll be rested and ready for what lies ahead. Good luck with your decision making. Try not to over think things.

    Thinking of you...

  7. Moving is just never fun! Hang in there -- bit by bit and box by box you will get it done!

  8. Brenda sent you an email. What is going on? So happy for you. Please email me when you can. Been in so much pain all over I havent been on. Let me hear from you when you have time.

  9. Packing up a house is so daunting, but I know you will be great at organising it once you get started! Little by little, with plenty of rests in between so you don't get too tired. Good luck, Brenda.
    Helen xox

  10. You CAN do this.. Just do a little bit every day and by the time moving day arrives it will all be done. You are such an organized, creative thinking woman and that will help with everything..
    I have a bird couple building a nest in the gourd I have hanging in a tree. You may have that, too, in your bird houses. You have to do what you have to do though. Watch them for a few days to see if there is any activity going on.
    Warmer weather is coming to Virginia for a few days, then back to the cold stuff.
    I'll be thinking about you.

  11. I remember just a little more than a year ago moving from our 2500 home of 26 years to one half that size and having two weeks to do it all in...including finding a place to live. It's not something I would ever want to do again, but it made me a bit of an expert in the moving process!

    While you are at somewhat of a disadvantage being alone and having an injury, one good thing is your home is fairly small and you have several weeks to prepare. Just eat that elephant one bite at a time.

  12. Remembering my last move, books are heavy. Were I to pack books again, I think I'd pack my cartons half books, and half decor items or tupperware or clothes or something light...that way I'd still have full cartons but not heavy ones!
    It's best to take the time to think and sort it out....and you will ! :)

  13. Moving can be a lot of work, but it's all for the greater good. New home, very exciting! Congrats my friend.

  14. There is a reason "move" is a 4-letter word! You are so organized, your first thought being to take the weekend to catch your breath and sketch out a plan sounds like a wonderful idea! Just like a "project plan" people use at work, there are things that must be done, but predecessors and many steps that have to come first to get to your outcome. Taking your time to think it all out will surely benefit the entire move. Once the pups go through 5 or 6 days of you piling things on a table and putting it in boxes, THAT will become their new normal. Probably as long as your initial morning and evening routines don't change, they will be ok with it all. You can do anything and you prove it all the time!!

  15. Is there someone who can help you? Praying for you...Balisha

  16. So excited for you, for finding a new place, and it sounds like it will work well for you and your pals. I spent all last summer cleaning out my home and moving things to my new home, which was my parents home. I still have a lot of things in boxes still. Sorting thru my parents things and mine to decide what I want and what I will do with all the stuff I don't want. In your situation I would suggest start by packing the stuff you know you won't need for a while. And LABEL everything well. Good luck, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. One step at a time they always say. Baby steps, too.

  17. The move will be a challenge, but, you are bound to get some great posts out of it. Such as, a Wednesday question such as, What are your best moving tips? We can't help you pack, but we'll be happy to give lots of helpful advice! We're cheering you on, and we know you'll pull it off and make it all look great too.

  18. Can't wait to see what you do with your new place. You are an inspiration

  19. #1 -- get boxes. I looked on Craigslist and found someone close by who had oodles of them for cheap and then gave me more for free. We moved a 1700 square foot home with a full American Van Lines truck including 140 boxes! I numbered each box and labeled it with what room it came from and kept a notebook with the box number and a short list of what the box contained. It was a lifesaver! Eighteen months later we moved again into what is now our permanent home ... sigh. Not moving again, getting too old for this stuff. :)

    Once you have boxes you can "play" at packing things you know you're not going to use before you move. We all seem to have lots of that stuff. Soon the pups will think this is a lot of fun ... let them play with the bubble wrap or stuffing paper and they'll be happy.

    This is such good news for you ... relax and enjoy the anticipation of your new digs.

  20. I had a mover tell me to pack what I did not use or used less first. That will be loaded first and taken off last. When your home is set up you have those things ready to take to a consignment shop or a quick sale

  21. The next step is to get ready your meds, pjs, towels,sheets, and bedding. Put that in your new bath tub so that you are ready for the first night. One room is then set up lightly. Get ready your pup stuff. Next morning begin in the kitchen with one set of dishes and pots and pans, dish towels. Then as you need or use food put that away and get ready for the next room.

  22. I use plastic tubs because they are sturdy and make transporting easier. They are reusable.

  23. You do have so much to do, Brenda, and who wants to live amongst packed boxes for weeks. To give you a head start, maybe making a written inventory of what you will take will help. If you plan to sell some of your things, start pricing them now.

    Wishing you all the best as always!


  24. Moving to a smaller place forces us to downsize, I'd start packing stuff that will be sold and only keep the things that are your absolute favorites! I agree with you about the fiction books. You could donate them to the library, just put them in the drop box from your car. I have found after moving 3 times in the past 10 years that I get rid of more and more stuff. I am your age and it makes life easier on us to have less. I am sure you read Janet's blog "The Gardener's Cottage" . She has great advice about simplifying.

  25. I wrote you a comment on yesterday's post but then "lost" it somewhere! Moving is hard but I think of it as an adventure, to see what your next life's adventure will be! Each time I move, I have a yard sale before I move to pare down. So right away, I begin pulling things out of my house that I know have been taking up valuable space that I don't use much and don't need. I put those in boxes marked "Sale". I clear out a spot in my garage or one of my other rooms so I can stack boxes that I've packed. I label boxes well, and itemize somewhat. That idea about the notebook and box number is a good one! I'm going to make a note of that! Will you be owning or renting your next place? and will you still live close enough to Judy to see her regularly? I remember you were blogging about wanting to move back to Texas (I think) which was quite far away. I'm yearning to "own" my own place again. Renting feels so temporary and I can't change and paint and hang much on the walls. But at age 66, that may never happen. A girl can dream though! I like the idea of ME moving just so I can do some more "simplifying" and paring down!

    As a reader suggested, pack boxes 1/2 heavy things then use the rest of the space in the box for lighter stuff and pack a box or two with things you will need the first day and night, including toliet paper.

    Write on the outside of all boxes what is in it and which room it should go in at your new home.

    Mark things you will be selling, with prices as you pack them (this, for me, took a lot of time and thought).

    Do not leave a lot of trash for the garbage collecters outside your home all at one time. Burglars and vandals cruise the neighborhoods looking for homes that look empty because of the moving-out trash outside!

    Whether you hire moving men or use friends and yourself to move loads, DO NOT leave anything behind overnight in the house you are moving out of, to pick up the next morning, (because in my case, someone broke in overnight and stole the boxed articles). Move it all in one day and into the night, if that is what it takes to get it all out pronto! (It was my old, collectable, 12 place setting of Fiesta dishes that were stolen.)

    Be sure to notify the Post Office of your forwarding address and all your utilities so they can read the meters on your moving date.

    Change the locks on your new home because you won't know how many people have key access to the home.

    And, as Doreen told you, "Eat that elephant one bite at a time!"

  27. Ah, moving. I am thrilled for you about this move. But right now you have some work to do. I used to move every 2 years. How much overlap time do you have...any? First thing to pack is your outdoor stuff. Especially the bird houses. That way if anyone has set up housekeeping they will have time to relocate to a new nest. After that I would simply start packing up the stuff I do not use every day. Make it a positive so the pupsters will see it that way. Bite by bite that elephant will be dealt with. There is a lot of great advice already given so I will stop here, only to say that this will be a positive move for you and the pupsters. :-)

  28. I know it is stressful but I see a lot of good advice in the comments. If you do something every day you'll be more ready and maybe that will help the dogs get used to taking things apart and packing. You'll get it done....try not to worry! Sweet hugs!

  29. Each time we have moved, I have packed a suitcase with a weeks worth of clothing and toiletries and medicines. Also packed clean sheets and towels, and coffee stuff and breakfast bars. I load this into MY car for the drive over to the new house. This way even if I don't feel like unpacking anything at all, we can live like we're in a hotel on vacation for a few days. Blessings and good wishes to you on your new adventure.

  30. This must be so hard for you. I know that you are excited about the move, but it is scarey at the same time. Just remember that this is a new adventure in your life! I know tht it is hard to decide on what to take, sell or give-away. I know that it can be hard to say goodbye to things that you love. Take it from me. I have a very hard time with this. Try not to second guess your decisions. Will you have any storage there? Try to ake sure that you have most of your packing supplies ready. There is nothing worse then having to get more boxes, etc, or waiting for someone to deliver them to you. I am so excited to see what you do with your new home.

  31. Brenda,
    Just take one project at a time and don't over do things. Yes, you CAN do this, and if it takes you a little longer than you thought, that's fine. Pick one thing, such as your clothes, or books, or pots and pans, and tackle just one thing. Otherwise you will get frustrated and over-whelmed. It just takes organization and that is certainly something you are GREAT at. This may be a big project, but it is also a BIG Blessing. Hang in there...It will be fine, and you will be better than ever.


  32. One step at a time. Rome was not built in. Day, as my father would remind me.


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