Lampshade Contest Entry

I was asked to participate in the 2nd DIY Lampshade Design Challenge. I was sent a plain white shade and told to be creative. 

It is different all the way around, so I will be showing you as I turn the lampshade for your viewing. 

It was created with old vintage linens and lace, embroidery pieces, a satiny glove, buttons, and yo-yos.

All pieces were hot-glued on. I decided to put it on my rather modern bedside lamp. I thought the textures against the modern lamp was pretty. And also because it just happened to fit!

There will be a vote to see who wins. And a prize for the winner. There will also be a giveaway
for one of the winner's readers, a $100 gift card. 

If you would like to vote for my lampshade, please go here to vote.

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Java Talk: Saving Money Purchasing Online

How much money do you think Americans spend on online purchases each year? Two billion dollars. That's a lot of moola.

I think most everyone buys things online these days. The convenience, the comparison shopping without driving from store to store. What's not to love? 

I tried to think back to my first online purchase. But I couldn't recall what it was. Possibly a computer. Now I buy most everything but my produce and dairy online. And if I could figure out a way to do that, I probably would. 

So today we're talking about why we buy online, where we find the best deals, coupons, etc. How to save even more money.

I personally buy most things online. Need some sheets? I'm not trying to find a good parking spot and tripping over people in a store. Not to mention listen to their kids screaming while I'm trying to compare thread counts. 

I have not been to a mall since I moved here. I loathe the mall. Once I loved it. But now I avoid it like the plague. Feels like I'm in a big underground tunnel. 

And if that humongous building is on fire, people will be stampeding to get out of there. Just not for me. 

I much prefer sitting and sipping my coffee and browsing with my fingertips. I can travel the world without leaving the couch. 

Okay, what are some of your best buys you've found online and where do you like to shop best and what are your general thoughts on online shopping? I know this cuts out the small retailer who is not part of a big conglomerate, and that is a sad fact. But what do we do if we're pinching pennies?

Your turn. Getting more coffee... 

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A Pretty New Light & Java Talk Topic

This is just the strangest weather. I have the heater on. Just around the corner from May 1 and I have the heater on. Got up last night and turned it up higher. Geez. And it looks like more rain may be coming in. 

See that gorgeous stained glass window solar light hanging on my patio? My sweet and loyal reader Charlotte, who has given me so many things over the years, sent this to me. I realized I forgot to check my mail last night, and there was this box sitting there. 

Had I not dug through every single thing that came with it, I wouldn't even have known who sent it, for she ordered it online. Thanks a bunch, Charlotte! I can't wait to see it lit up. But it may be a few days. No sunlight around here.

You know this place I moved into doesn't have washer/dryer hookups. After two weeks here, I decided I'd have to figure something out. My hands are hurting so bad. Tried wringing wet towels? Oh my word.  

So I started mulling over all my options. I thought of the sweet vintage babe you see above. Because you have to look at all your options seriously. And that means primitive options too.

I already have a pretty good collection of wash boards...

It's not at all that I mind washing clothing and such by hand. But it's the pain when I attempt to wring it out. I rigged up a second shower rod I have in the middle of the shower/tub so I could hang up clothing on hangers. That works pretty well. 

The towels are taking about four days to dry. And then when you use them again, they're like sand paper. 

Yes, I've thought of rigging up something on the patio. But I just placed bird feeders out there. That is like open season on birds pooping on my stuff!

There's a laundromat here. But a buck fifty a wash!

(This was not out of the question during my mulling period.)

So here's what I did. A whole lot of research, and read a lot of reviews. Thought about it and thought about it some more. 

And I'll be darned if I didn't just place an order for a portable washing unit that also dries your clothes. How many of you have ever heard of such a thing? Have I been living under a rock and somehow missed this?

Take a look at it here and read about it if you'd like to know more. 

When it said it washed and then dried your clothing, I called and had someone tell me about that. Sounded rather alien. I even looked at washing units that you hand cranked. So this was really high tech. And it's ventless. 

So I ordered the casters that I will have to find someone to put underneath this 201 pound behemoth so I can roll it over to my kitchen sink and hook it up to use it. If it rolled itself over there and did that it would be very high-tech. Haven't got that far high tech yet it seems.

I loved this: Clothes glide over the RollerJets while sprinklers encourage the removal of soil, reducing pilling, fraying, and snags for longer lasting clothing. 

You know I love to be frugal and that certainly means rarely buying clothing.

The reviews gave it a high rating. This morning if you'd told me by the end of the day I would have not only located such a creature but also spent a good bit of money on it, I'd have scoffed. 

It's done. 

This probably means a new configuration in the kitchen. Wish I could take the dishwasher out I don't use and replace it with this. But that won't happen. So I will be making room for it somehow. Which will require moving the two black shelves I have in an L formation as my pantry. And doing...something. 

Pretty soon laundromats may go the way of pay phones.

And this got me to thinking, in this age of online shopping and free shipping and all that jazz, just what all do people order online these days. You know I place an order with at least twice per month. I ordered my camera and most of the computers I've had online. 

I don't go out all that much because it's just so easy to sit and browse online. Whilst sipping my coffee and placing an order, and most often getting free shipping! Frugal galore!

Now I'm doing what would seem unthinkable: buying a washing machine online. 

They won't bring it inside for me. They will place it outside my door. If I'd paid an extra $179 I could have gotten what is called the "white glove treatment." That means they place it just inside your door. I asked if they took it out of the box. No. Then hell no I'm not paying for them to shift it over the threshold and scoot it into the living room! I'll figure it out. 

Then I'll have to find a handyman who can lift it up and put the casters on it so I can roll it to the sink. 

Another interesting question I asked of the man online: "So you just turn on the cold water and when do you turn it off?"

"You don't," he said.

"Then how does the water go off?"

He said: "When an icemaker makes ice, you don't have to shut the water off." 

This is true, although I'm living with ice cube trays now. 

So the water gets heated, uses very little water, and you come back from toodling around in your garden to dried clothing? Hey, does it fold the towels? 

Now this is not a full size washer. Life doesn't get that good. It takes longer to dry things. He told me they use these a lot in Asia and Europe. Of course they don't have as many McMansions there and live in close quarters, unlike our many US counterparts. 

Of which I am now officially in the small home living bracket. 

So we have Java Talk tomorrow. Let's talk about what we order online. What would have maybe been unthinkable to order online ten years ago we scarcely think about now. 

Let's talk about the best deals we get online. Where to go for free shipping. Let's learn from one another about this no longer new phenomenon: buy it online and get it shipped right to your door. 

Or, if you prefer the white glove treatment and pay $179, just inside your door. 

I've got to go take some Tums. I call it my "I just spent a lot of money heartburn."
See ya tomorrow morning for our regularly scheduled Java Talk, and have your "buy it online" info ready to share while we sip our coffee. 

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Tweak It Tuesday #87

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday, Chateau Chic showed off her chairs.

Grandparents Plus served up some lemon angel pie.

Zuhaus At Home baked some cake.

Vintage Paint And More created a spring cloche vignette.

Fairhope Supply Company fixed some delectable hummus.

Renaissance Mermaid created a sweet porch vignette welcoming spring.

Living The Gourmet baked some hot cross buns.

Daisy Mae Belle has her front porch all ready for summer.

Frugal Little Bungalow finished a quilt for her home. 

Okay, let's see what you've tweaked this week!

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The Blacklist 4/28/14: Episode 20


"The Kingmaker," episode 20, of "The Blacklist" is set to reveal the content of Tom's evidence box, which is likely to be photographs of Red killing Liz's foster father. According to Megan Boone, who plays Liz, the evidence is going to "ruin a relationship that's very important to her [Liz]."

The actress said to Yahoo TV that Liz is "going to go to a darker place," as she is "completely despondent, detached, and jaded at this point." 

Is Red in trouble? Is someone setting him up?

Tom lost Audrey. Liz has lost faith in Tom, who isn't who she thought he was.

Will a romance brew between these two, both with broken hearts?

And just what is Red's connection to Liz?

We have enjoyed quite a few episodes of James Spader's character enigmatic Red on The Blacklist. We are almost to the end of Season 1. For those who have watched this show, what are your thoughts on the first year of the series? And what do you think will happen next season?

I will be back this afternoon with Tweak It. 

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Working In The Bedroom & Just Flat Worn Out

I didn't get to post yesterday. First I had Cox Tech Solutions working on my computer for hours. 

Then I was working in the bedroom and knocked a glass apothecary jar over and broke it into a gazillion pieces around my computer wiring in there

Out came my beloved Dyson handheld and I started sucking those glass slivers out. While doing so, I apparently pulled some computer wiring out of place (those things have fantastic suction) and it took me hours to figure out what computer thingee went where. By that time it was close to 9 p.m.

I have been going at a pace that I can't keep up. I can't even straighten my fingers. I feel like I accidentally got thrown into a mixer and got swirled around a bit. I've got to slow it down. 

I don't have many rooms. I might as well enjoy the journey. So I am going to MAKE myself slow down. (Famous last words said so many times I cannot count.) 

I'm having difficulties with the dreaded vertical blinds in front of the patio. They are stubbornly resisting being opened without a lot of jerking and a bit of cussing. 

Mayhem may ensue. I am not going to look at those ugly blinds all day when I could be looking at my patio just starting to shape up. 

It is an overcast windy day. I woke up to this, and then about thirty minutes of rain.


I got the bedroom bookshelves looking fairly neat, and the quilt over the bed. The Diva has managed to sneak into the photo again.

These cheerful sunflowers were a good deal at Sprouts the other day. Sprouts is right next to my current drug store where I was picking up some medication, so stopped in. They have a great little chocolate cake I've discovered. And hummus and all kinds of goodies. 

Is it stormy in your neck of the woods? I know the plants enjoyed the shower. They're growing so fast!
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