A Home's Unique Features & Tomorrow's Java Talk Topic

Most people who are looking for a house to buy want to find something unique about every home they look at. This feature should set the home apart from all the others. One example of a unique feature is a small fish pond in a garden.

This is something that not every homeowner has and it adds a peaceful element to a simple garden. It can even be the highlight of a garden! Here are some other examples of unique features that some home buyers are looking for.

A gorgeous pondless waterfall. It gave me such enjoyment at my last home. It is set up to recycle your water and send it back up to the top. So you don't need to add water very often. This is a wonderful selling point.

A screened porch is another unique feature of a home. A person may be looking for a home with an area where he or she can sit and enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes. A screened porch has a lot of decorating possibilities that the person may appreciate.

I had a large wooden pavilion built at my last house. It was a wonderful place to sit outside and have coffee and listen to the rain on the roof. It was a great selling point for that house. Couples looking for a home will envision themselves relaxing there in the evening with a glass of wine.

A space can be decorated in a simple way or take on an elegant look. Seeing a screened porch during a tour of a home is a pleasant surprise to many potential buyers. Someone who wants to find a home with unique features may want to take the first step and contact a resource such as Ohiorealestateguys.com.

A swimming pool is another unique feature that many people appreciate. They see themselves enjoying the pool in the summer heat and inviting friends over for pool parties. A pool in the backyard of a home is a feature that deserves to be highlighted on any list of selling points. A pool with extras such as a slide or a waterfall is all the more unique.

And of course another big selling point are beautiful gardens that are already established. One that is already planted with perennials means little maintenance. The hard work is already done.

A hot tub located on a porch is another feature that many potential home buyers admire. They may not expect to find a hot tub outside a home. Sometimes they are located inside a larger bathroom in the home.

An outside hot tub allows an owner to enjoy the trees and air while sitting back and relaxing in the swirling water. Seeing a hot tub outdoors may be the final nudge some people need to put in an offer on a home.

Finally, a breakfast nook is another unique feature in a home. A home with a breakfast nook allows a family to have an intimate area to share food and conversation in the kitchen. This sort of feature is also appealing to couples who want a place to talk in the morning before a busy day begins.

Tomorrow morning's Java Talk Topic:
Garden Tips, Decorating Your Outdoor Space & Container Gardens

I will put up the discussion about 9 a.m. I have lots of tips, decorating ideas and photos for outdoor spaces. I would love for you to share any garden tips you have, or how you're planning to decorate your outdoor space this year.

Oh, I can almost smell the roses...

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  1. Brenda, You are right about all those tips. We have rehabbed and sold 15 (or more) homes and it is the little special features that sell them every single time. We are probably headed down that walk again with this house soon. xo Diana

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pavilion again.. The water feature looks very much like the one you had.. I've been out today cutting my peonies back, trimming my "wavy" grass, trimming my boxwood bush, picking up winter debris and thinking about what I want to plant this spring..
    It has been a lovely day and I enjoyed being outside in the sun.
    I'm looking forward to your Java talk tomorrow.

  3. beautiful! I would love a screened porch - but I do not have one :(

  4. As a small child, until I was about 3 1/2 yrs old, we lived with my grandparents in an area that was quite rural at the time, south of Pittsburgh, Pa. My grandfather had a little fish pond there! :) Your post brought back the memory :)

  5. A vintage cottage with original built-ins and a place for chickens (outside). I am looking forward to Java Talk, however, I will be at jury duty...again. I will have to chime in later.

  6. I'm really looking forward to the tips- especially any folks share about container gardening for flowers and veggies...

    see ya in the morning.

  7. Is it wrong to want all of those? ;) That would be my dream house, for sure!

  8. I think a home with a beautiful established yard is a bonus for someone selling. Curb appeal is so important! Without that people don't even go inside to find out more.

  9. Brenda! Your blog looks so great!!! I have been missing posts lately so this is the first time I have seen the three little jars and your new signature. Adorable.

  10. Ahhhh yes, a screened in porch! I'd love one.


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Brenda,
    I've been following you since you moved from Tyler - love your blog and can so relate in so many ways.
    I wanted to re-visit your Java talk post of last week when you were asking if anyone knew anything about Essential Oils. I was hesitant to jump in, in case my comment was taken as a sales pitch, but I have seen amazing results in my own family of using oils from a company called Doterra. My daughter had her gall bladder removed years ago but still has stomach issues and pain. She started using a couple of the oils from this company and she is almost pain free when eating now!! I could tell story after story but the oils make a lot of sense when you think about not putting chemicals into your body that sometimes have side effects that are worse. You have to be esp. careful of oils - many are not organic or pure and have added fillers. A reputable company is essential! I did a lot of research on the internet and came to the conclusion that Doterra was right for me and my family. A turnoff for many is that it is sold by independent consultants who make money on the sales of others. But is that any different than a storefront making the profit. With your blog, you could easily add this as an add-on to your header and make money on sales from those who purchase from you. If you are interested in pursuing it, I'd be happy to tell you what I know. My site is www.mydoterra.com/shelleymichel or on my Mia's Garden BlogSpot site.

  13. Enjoyed this! Your home in Texas was beautiful. You put so much love into it. I wish you had gotten as much back. I love you...and look at you now? You are amazing!!

  14. The thing I miss most about the last house I owned is not its swimming pool, but its screened porch. I loved sitting out these most of the year. xo Laura

  15. I love your beautiful photos! A great post, Brenda. So true. My dream house would have a screened porch.

  16. I think a nice garden and screened in porch would be all I needed to buy a new home! I remember your pavilion, it was beautiful!



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