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This is just the strangest weather. I have the heater on. Just around the corner from May 1 and I have the heater on. Got up last night and turned it up higher. Geez. And it looks like more rain may be coming in. 

See that gorgeous stained glass window solar light hanging on my patio? My sweet and loyal reader Charlotte, who has given me so many things over the years, sent this to me. I realized I forgot to check my mail last night, and there was this box sitting there. 

Had I not dug through every single thing that came with it, I wouldn't even have known who sent it, for she ordered it online. Thanks a bunch, Charlotte! I can't wait to see it lit up. But it may be a few days. No sunlight around here.

You know this place I moved into doesn't have washer/dryer hookups. After two weeks here, I decided I'd have to figure something out. My hands are hurting so bad. Tried wringing wet towels? Oh my word.  

So I started mulling over all my options. I thought of the sweet vintage babe you see above. Because you have to look at all your options seriously. And that means primitive options too.

I already have a pretty good collection of wash boards...

It's not at all that I mind washing clothing and such by hand. But it's the pain when I attempt to wring it out. I rigged up a second shower rod I have in the middle of the shower/tub so I could hang up clothing on hangers. That works pretty well. 

The towels are taking about four days to dry. And then when you use them again, they're like sand paper. 

Yes, I've thought of rigging up something on the patio. But I just placed bird feeders out there. That is like open season on birds pooping on my stuff!

There's a laundromat here. But a buck fifty a wash!

(This was not out of the question during my mulling period.)

So here's what I did. A whole lot of research, and read a lot of reviews. Thought about it and thought about it some more. 

And I'll be darned if I didn't just place an order for a portable washing unit that also dries your clothes. How many of you have ever heard of such a thing? Have I been living under a rock and somehow missed this?

Take a look at it here and read about it if you'd like to know more. 

When it said it washed and then dried your clothing, I called and had someone tell me about that. Sounded rather alien. I even looked at washing units that you hand cranked. So this was really high tech. And it's ventless. 

So I ordered the casters that I will have to find someone to put underneath this 201 pound behemoth so I can roll it over to my kitchen sink and hook it up to use it. If it rolled itself over there and did that it would be very high-tech. Haven't got that far high tech yet it seems.

I loved this: Clothes glide over the RollerJets while sprinklers encourage the removal of soil, reducing pilling, fraying, and snags for longer lasting clothing. 

You know I love to be frugal and that certainly means rarely buying clothing.

The reviews gave it a high rating. This morning if you'd told me by the end of the day I would have not only located such a creature but also spent a good bit of money on it, I'd have scoffed. 

It's done. 

This probably means a new configuration in the kitchen. Wish I could take the dishwasher out I don't use and replace it with this. But that won't happen. So I will be making room for it somehow. Which will require moving the two black shelves I have in an L formation as my pantry. And doing...something. 

Pretty soon laundromats may go the way of pay phones.

And this got me to thinking, in this age of online shopping and free shipping and all that jazz, just what all do people order online these days. You know I place an order with Walmart.com at least twice per month. I ordered my camera and most of the computers I've had online. 

I don't go out all that much because it's just so easy to sit and browse online. Whilst sipping my coffee and placing an order, and most often getting free shipping! Frugal galore!

Now I'm doing what would seem unthinkable: buying a washing machine online. 

They won't bring it inside for me. They will place it outside my door. If I'd paid an extra $179 I could have gotten what is called the "white glove treatment." That means they place it just inside your door. I asked if they took it out of the box. No. Then hell no I'm not paying for them to shift it over the threshold and scoot it into the living room! I'll figure it out. 

Then I'll have to find a handyman who can lift it up and put the casters on it so I can roll it to the sink. 

Another interesting question I asked of the man online: "So you just turn on the cold water and when do you turn it off?"

"You don't," he said.

"Then how does the water go off?"

He said: "When an icemaker makes ice, you don't have to shut the water off." 

This is true, although I'm living with ice cube trays now. 

So the water gets heated, uses very little water, and you come back from toodling around in your garden to dried clothing? Hey, does it fold the towels? 

Now this is not a full size washer. Life doesn't get that good. It takes longer to dry things. He told me they use these a lot in Asia and Europe. Of course they don't have as many McMansions there and live in close quarters, unlike our many US counterparts. 

Of which I am now officially in the small home living bracket. 

So we have Java Talk tomorrow. Let's talk about what we order online. What would have maybe been unthinkable to order online ten years ago we scarcely think about now. 

Let's talk about the best deals we get online. Where to go for free shipping. Let's learn from one another about this no longer new phenomenon: buy it online and get it shipped right to your door. 

Or, if you prefer the white glove treatment and pay $179, just inside your door. 

I've got to go take some Tums. I call it my "I just spent a lot of money heartburn."
See ya tomorrow morning for our regularly scheduled Java Talk, and have your "buy it online" info ready to share while we sip our coffee. 

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  1. Brenda, you don't need to take a Tums...take a teaspoonful of vinegar in a glass of water instead. Talk about cheap remedies, this is it! I have been reading more and more about using this once a day, every morning, so one doesn't get heartburn. The reasoning goes that people aren't getting heartburn from having too much acid in their tummies but too little acid in them. As one ages, what happens is that your body produces less acid in your stomach and you really need it there, so the vinegar puts it back. I finally tried it starting two weeks ago and it is working for me!

    1. I will try it. I tried baking soda in water a few weeks ago and just about threw up. And I've only thrown up twice in my whole life.

  2. It seems strange but my mom had a washer that dried clothes when I was just 5 years old. That's 52 years ago. My dad was in the army and since we moved around so much my parents bought a mobile home and washer/dryer came with it. My ex and I rented an apartment in Germany which had one. I've never known anyone else that had one.

    1. We're the same age! I'd never heard of it till this morning.

  3. I wish you were here. I need help!!! I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to decorate. I'm at a complete stand still.

    1. Email me and I'll see if I can help you with whatever you need.

  4. I am so excited you got this washer dryer combo!! This is wonderful! I think you will really be thankful you got this!

    I had to turn on my furnace last night too! Then today it was 75! Go figure!

    Hows the decorating coming along? Did you rest up any, or are you still going 90 mph????
    Have fun with it! And I am so happy you kept the round coffee table! I knew you would figure it out!


    1. I've slowed down. Had to. I'm glad that with this small space, I'll only have one appliance instead of two. I've worked some on the bedroom. And I put a linen over the coffee table. A reader suggested it and I kind of like it.

  5. In the 1960s my Mom had a portable dishwasher that we rolled to the laundry sink plugged in the hose to the facet and washed the dishes. Larger RVs have the combination washer/dryer units. We never had one when we had the bigger RVs though. Try putting the washer/dryer on those plastic sliders to move it. I'm sure someone will help you move it into the house. Maybe a friendly neighbor?

    1. Good idea about the sliders. I only know one neighbor, Charlie, and he just had heart surgery.

  6. While researching apts in Paris for my trip last year I found a lot of these little washer/dryers. I think it is a great idea. You will recoup the cost of it in no time and the convenience of having it in your apt...priceless. Well not the 'in the door' cost, that is crazy...I would want it unpacked and set up for that much $$. I love shopping online so I'll be over for Java chat in the morning!
    hugs, Linda

    1. I forgot to say I really like you new light and might have to look for one like that for my patio!

  7. Great idea Brenda. We were thinking of getting one for our little condo a few years ago...they were wonderful, but very very expensive. Your's sounds delightful.


  8. I am so happy for you! I never heard of one! Awesome!!

  9. Love the light too. I wish I had one. It is beautiful!

  10. We are suppose to get a frost Thursday morning. You may too. I had to turn my heat on as well. Very crazy weather our way!

  11. I had heard of them, but don't know much about them, accept they exist, and I think I'm older than you, so I guess I've been way up under a bunch of rocks!! Love the light!

  12. Brenda, we had a similar looking washer/dryer combo in our motorhome. I found that it worked well, except that it wrinkled clothes a lot, probably from the small size of the drum. I would not have bought one for our motorhome, I didn't feel like it was worth the price, but the motorhome came with it, so I didn't have a choice. It also, took a long time to dry the clothes. Hopefully, you will have better luck with your new machine.

  13. Brenda I had a washer dryer combo about 37 years ago in an apartment rental - I hope they have improved. Back then the wash was good but the dryer not so good. The clothes just never came all the way dry and I would end up hanging them around the house until they dried and then toss them back in the dryer a couple at a time to fluff them up and make them softer. Things have come a long way though and you are only one person so you have the big loads of clothes that I had to do back then with babies in the house. If they are the same as are in RV's it probably won't be so bad a friend has one in her RV and she says she does her clothes almost every day when they are traveling in the evening and they are small loads and has no problems - don't over stuff she says and it will work.

  14. I watch a lot of HGTV and have seen one of these in a number of shows, especially House Hunters International. Looks like a great idea.

  15. Sounds like a great way to solve a problem to me!

  16. Somewhere along the line I too had one of those in an apt, and the dryer didn't work so good. I'm sure the technology is much better now a days. You'll be so happy w/it. Heck, you can always hang something in the shower if it does take too long to dry

  17. I'm so happy that you will have a washer and dryer. Not only will the towels be softer, but they will smell alot nicer too from drying faster. Maybe you could ask the company if you could make money by referrals if you like their product? We will all be interested to know how you like it.

  18. I have heard about these but don't know a soul that has one. it will be interesting to see how well it works and how well you like it. Good for you. I hated going to the laundromat when I had to- xo Diana

  19. Brenda
    I have heard of these and I'm really looking forward to hearing whether you like yours or not.
    Frankly, I don't like any of the energy saving washer and dryers they shove down our throats.
    Did you ever notice that the washers barely agitate or spin the water out of the clothes? And therefore it takes forever in a dryer that has about half the heat the old ones did. So it takes forever to dry the clothes. How can that save energy?
    I think they're in bed with the energy companies myself!!

  20. I hope this works for you and solves the problem! You're right--its not the washing that is so the hard part.....its the darn WRINGING!! I have a washer and dryer, but hang everything up to dry. Except big things like sheets, bedspreads and the like. I love old fashioned clotheslines. Worth the extra work to me to hang things out in the sun and the coastal breezes! Even on rainy days, I still hang things up inside. Saves alot on the electric bill. Hope this gadget works well for you!! Keep us posted okay

  21. Yes, birds and drying laundry outside are mutually exclusive. The type of appliance you bought is called a washer dryer in England. They're
    very common there. If you search
    washer dryer on Google UK you'll
    see loads of them. Not so here in
    America where bigger is usually
    considered better. ( How did we ever
    develop this Mc Mansion mentality?)
    Would you have room for your
    machine in/ near your bathroom?
    That way you could put your items
    immediately on hangers and hang
    them over shower curtain rod or door
    enclosure as you unload.. Glad to
    know you escaped the bad storms.

  22. A washer and dryer combination! I've never heard of such a thing. But, I'm so happy that you found one! I have arthritis in my hands, also. Even wringing out a washrag is very painful. Really glad you won't have to suffer anymore. I'm looking forward to hearing how well it works for you.

    A few years back on April 30, I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding when everything was in full bloom. Today, we barely have buds in the trees and it's suppose to snow again. What's with this crazy weather?!

    Thinking of you, Brenda...

  23. Oops, I forgot to comment on your beautiful new light. I'm sure you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it, once the sun returns! What a wonderful gift! It was such a thoughtful thing for Charlotte to do...

  24. What a wonderful gift from Charlotte! Such a sweet person :)

    As to this little high tech wonder, I'd never heard of such a thing ...glad that they have invented them and that you found it! :)

  25. I love your lantern and the washer/dryer will work for you nicely. I order fabric online but I can't order too much online because I buy things that I really don't need. My DIL loves buying online - gifts for the holidays and birthdays. I just enjoy getting mail, even snail mail.

  26. This is a fabulous solution for you Brenda, and the light is beautiful! I want one :)

    My daughter has a washer/dryer in Singapore. While visiting, I noticed it took forever to do the laundry and she doesn't like it at all, but I think it's a great compromise when space is limited and I'm sure there are models that are more efficient than others.

    I'll be interested in tomorrow's Java talk. Now that we are at the cabin full time, which is somewhat remote, I need to explore on line shopping options.

  27. Awesome! I may need one of these someday if I tire of crawling down to our basement to do laundry. Wait, I'm already there...heh. Anyway, thank-you for telling us about this 'new contraption'. What will they think of next? :) Blessings, Debra

  28. Wow, what a grand solution! I don't know half of what's out there on the market, but what a deal!! Aww, what a nice gift, love it!

  29. Brenda, When the guy comes to deliver your new appliance, offer him 50$ to put it inside for you. I would suggest
    you have your boot on too! We have offered tips to delivery guys to move things a bit closer or inside and we've never had
    anyone not take the tip! Worth a try! Love the lantern. Is it water proof? Can you tell us where it was purchased? I'm in Mass. and the weather is the same here...all over the place.

  30. Stop with the "Mc Mansions". I love your lilltle house and am very happy for you, but I love love love my large home. It has welcomed so much family as well as friends, hosted youth groups, thrown parties, been a welcoming home away from home for many of our children's college friends. It is warm and welcoming and I love my large yard and yes, pool. Please don't belittle what ours have.

  31. My husband's cousin, Amy, has one of these. She likes it, but since she has a family of four, the very long drying time has turned out to be frustrating for her. But you'll love it ... you're not in a rush to get your clothes dry, they can just sit there and dry while you do your normal things. You made a great choice, and I'm so glad you won't have to wring those towels, etc. any more.

  32. Everyday has been so interesting with your new venture! I hope the new appliance works great. Do you need a higher amp outlet for the dryer? Just something I would find out about. For drying outside, I hang my clothes on hangers under the patio umbrella. It even has wood 'arms' and you could add small nails so the hangers don't slide. Keeps the bird poo off too!

  33. I've never heard of such a thing, Brenda and I'm so glad you found it. There is just know no way you can do all of your laundry by hand. The only time I've had "White Glove Service" is when it came with the delivery charge, my kitchen Island for example. It would have taken me three years to have unpacked that.

    I hope I can get to Java Talk early enough...I have a Black Belt in online shopping! What time is your post up?


  34. I am just now reading this. Read the current post and everyone was commenting on washing machine...so I knew I missed something. I love your washing/dryer combo. They have these all over Europe. I know this from only watching HGTV and not travelling to Europe myself. I am very curious as to how it works and too bad you cannot pull your dishwasher out and put this in it's place. Do you just plug it in and that's it?

  35. Love the light! Just a thought . . . maybe if you ask the office for assistance, the maintenance people will give you a hand with the washer/dryer.

  36. I have a dryer, but I dry the laundry about five minutes,to reduce wrinkling, and then take it out an hang it on hangers. I hang things inside if the weather is not good, or on lines outside if weather permits. If you smooth out clothing with your hands, things will dry relatively wrinkle free. Saves quite a bit on electricity costs.
    You will love not having to use the laundromat!

  37. So glad that you found this combo. Do you just turn it on and when you return it is dry? I might need something similar when ours dies. I'm sure there will be some negative things about it You could just hang things up that aren't totally dry. That's what I do now. You had to have this. No one could wash all their clothes like you were doing.
    As far as the McMansions.........the reader needs to read your profile. That's what your blog is about
    , being frugal and on a budget. Our blogs are ours to write what we want. There always is the option not to read if things upset us.
    Talk about weird weather......I flew out of Denver today and the plane had to be de-iced.

    1. And I thought that Brenda wanted honest comments from her long time readers. There was nothing ugly in the comment and I do know what the blog is about. I have been one of her readers for years. Don't be so defensive. If the comments can only be praise the blog should say so.

  38. Brenda, when I bought an appliance online I elected the same thing. But you know what, the people that deliver are usually not the same company; our delivers put the appliance just inside the threshold of the house. They even sent out a survey asking how their service was. So, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I think you will love your new appliance, and LG is a great brand. Their products get very good reviews. xoxo

    1. Good comment. I agree that LG is a great brand. It's what my washer and dryer both are and I have never had a problem with either of them.

  39. Just a thought about long dryer times - it seems like you really wanted the washer because it was so hard on your hands to wring things out. This should work fine. If the dryer is taking too long, you could still hang dry on your shower rod and then just toss the towels in to fluff them up! I think that it should work just fine.

  40. I've seen these contraption (I call it that because just don't get how it works!) in newer RV's and motorhomes.
    I think this should work perfectly for you. I hope it has a warranty and doesn't cost an arm and a leg for repairs.
    I hope you don't have to have it repaired. :)
    I think it will be ok hang dry your clothes after washing.
    ...you can just play around with your options. I WAS wondering though...
    will this go against your lease agreement to have something like this? Seeing how there are no washer dryer hook ups in your place? I would hate that you purchased it to find out-- it isn't 'allowed'. :/


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