Comedy Of Errors

Packing and moving sure is a lot of work. You get it all packed up, knowing soon you will be unpacking and sorting it all out.

It's been a hectic few days. On Thursday about 4 p.m. I decided I couldn't take what I thought was a bladder infection any longer. I went to the Urgent Care clinic. As I was taken back, after hours of waiting, I saw they had boots stacked up on a shelf.

I asked them if they had a boot I could buy. Mine are just worn out and not sufficiently supporting my ankle any longer. 
The doctor said she wanted to x-ray my ankle, which hasn't been x-rayed for well over a year. Everything was fine. Hardware was still in place. But this led to my getting a new boot! This one doesn't go all the way to the knee, so it is easier to get around in. 

I'm prefacing this so I can tell you the following story: When the assistant came in with the new boot, she knelt down and started strapping it on. Then she turned something and I heard what sounded like air being pumped. I asked her what she was doing. 

She said I'm pumping up the boot. I looked at her in astonishment. My other boot has this same little dial on it, but I didn't know it did that. I've worn it off and on for a year and a half, and not one person in medical personnel told me about this. 

You pump it up and it stays taut around your leg. Hello, it's got a magic button. But it doesn't help you much if you don't know what it is.

So here I've been walking in something like a wading boot that flopped around, and I should have had it pumped up and strapped around the top to hold it taut to my leg. 

The girl said: "Don't tell me they didn't show you this." Um, no.

Not one person; the surgeon, physician's assistants I've seen, physical therapists. Not one person showed me this. They strapped it on for the first time about a year and a half or so ago, and did not pump it up to hold it in place. And I was nary the wiser.

It sure does make you wonder if I might have had more healing had I had the stupid thing strapped taut to my leg with the use of the pumping device. Instead of it slipping up and down with each step I took.


I just had a bit of time and wanted to let you know where we are on this. I've changed decorating/placing furniture strategies I don't know how many times, and the furniture isn't even there yet. 

When you're dealing with a small space, you've got to place priorities on every single thing you bring in. 
And of course those priorities have a way of changing. 

It's stopped raining, so back to work for me.

I'll get back to you when I can. Might be Thursday.

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  1. That really ticks me off about your boot! It's a shame !!!

  2. sometimes the things that medical personal can forget to tell you is downright terrible. This sounds like malpractice to me. So glad you had help with moving some of your things before the movers get the furniture in there. I hope the new boot will give your ankle some more support and maybe you can possibly start to walk better.

  3. Sounds like more than one adventure and tons of work and laughter too.

  4. I hope you heal now that you have the correct boot situation!

    The move sounds like a comedy of errors alright! I know you are tired but there's much to look forward to.

  5. Thank God for friends like Judy and the others that helped you. I would have paid good money to see a video of Judy chasing Abi around Sonic and you can tell her that! She is SUCH a good soul.
    I am anxious to see you all set up in your new place. Brenda...AND MAD FOR YOU at those idiots that never thought to give you proper instruction on the use of that thing! WHAT is WRONG with that picture? Too much to write, I fear.

    Blessings and good thoughts heading your way! xo Diana

  6. Wow what a commotion! Thank goodness you caught the dogs without any mishaps! I hope they are chipped with an ID number. As a retired nurse I am shocked that no one educated you regarding the boot. When things settle down you should write a letter to the original place where you received the first boot and tell them what happened. Hopefully this will prevent it from happening to someone else. With all the schlepping of boxes and boxes of stuff doesn't it make you want to scale down and minimize your belongings? When I moved I got rid of SO MUCH stuff and I haven't missed it at all. I now have just enough. Rest up and I hope your move goes smoother on Tuesday.

    1. P.S. You and Judy remind me of Lucy and Ethel - haha

  7. That is just awful about the boot, and as you said maybe it would have healed so much quicker. I'd certainly let them know what happened and what you found out. Hope you got rid of that nasty UTI. Such annoyances, aren't they? I was laughing so hard envisioning Judy running around the Sonic and Abi flying thru the parking lot. So nice that some bloggers came out to help you! I'm sure you'll have the new place in shape by next wknd, knowing you! Just take it easy.

  8. Brenda, just a thought about Abi. I had a little poodle once we rescued that flew out the door every chance she got. Someone told me to put pebbles or coins in a soda can, then tape it with duck tape, and throw it at the dog, not to hit the dog, of course, but just towards the dog every time she approached the door. She soon learned to stay back and got over that problem.

  9. Every time I see a Sonic, I'll be imagining Judy chasing Abi.

    Glad to know you had some help moving - it's always stressful. Do you have the furniture moving coasters? I use mine a lot.

    Hope you find the boot easier to wear and get around. That's scary that they didn't tell you about it.

  10. Thank God for friends!


  11. OK, a video of Judy chasing Abi around Sonic just might have made you some money!! LOL!! So glad you got some help and got lots done. As for the boot, that just makes me so mad! I am amazed that in all this time no medical person told you that. Grrrr! Well now you know. Good luck on the rest of the move. I'm slowing going through things with my Mom and then starting to pack what she is taking with her. So much work, I know how tired you all are!
    hugs, Linda

  12. Judy ... what a wonderful friend, indeed. I'm glad you were able to get some help. Moving has to be at the top of the list for adding stress to one's life.

    As for the boot, all I can say is what a shame that the world is so full of inefficient people. I hope this new discovery will make a difference in your future recovery.

  13. I feel sorry for you that you suffered with that boot for a year and a half! I hope it makes things easier for you now that it fits better.

    So happy that you found enough help with the move. Still wish we were there to help. I hope the rest of the moving process continues to go well for you. Take care.

    Thinking of you...

  14. Oh my goodness! Yes, the boot being pumped so it fits more snugly around your foot and ankle was VERY important! Someone should've tightened it for you when showing you how to wear it. You're supposed to release it when you need to take it off and then after putting it back on, re-tighten it. in place. The reason I know this is because I wore one for months during my planters fascitous. (sp?) I still have that boot. So glad that you were able to get some people to help you. You may have to put your dogs in a crate if they keep misbehaving! LOL! My dog will run off on occasion but will often come if I lure him with a stick or treat. My husband is the alpha male in the house and has better control over him than I do. He's fairly good about staying in our yard though when we let him out and we don't even have a fence!

  15. Yay for Judy, she is earning her wings!

    Boo for the pups, tsk tsk - and absolutely ASTOUNDED about the pump on your boot, holy heck, Brenda, I'd be angry beyond works, WHAT THE HECK kind of negligence is THAT???????????????????

    Anyway, hang in there honey, better days are brewin for ya. Hugs.

  16. The boot thing really infuriates me! If for nothing else but comfort ( ie: swelling) you should have been using the pump. It's scandalous you received no patient education.
    Oh Brenda, is there nothing further
    that can be done for your poor
    ankle? You're still young!

  17. Oh my gosh, Brenda...all this, especially all at once is insane! Moving, dogs getting loose, bladder infection, the boot mishap (major grrr on that one)...I'm sure you (and Judy) are absolutely exhausted. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this new boot - and it being properly pumped up! - helps stabilize your ankle. I bet you'll be able to walk better!

  18. This is all too funny about the dogs lol. But the part about your boot....not so funny!!! I can't believe they neglected to tell you such an important bit of info, that boot was probably useless that whole time, I would sure give them the what for!!! Hope you ladies get some well deserved rest!

  19. Oh, what a story! You'll have fond memories of this day long after the aches and pains have gone away. So glad to hear about the new boot and the magic button. Who would know -- unless the doctor or somebody tells you! IPerhaps even now you will get better support for your ankle and still have some good healing and strengthening.

  20. I've been thinking about you Brenda and not knowing the dilemmas that have been thrown at you.
    Thank God for Judy and the other gals and guy who are helping you..
    I'm so glad that you have a new boot and someone was "on the ball" enough to instruct you on how to use it and all of it's functions.. It just makes one wonder about the medical profession now days.. I hope that your other situation has been corrected..
    I sure hope that little Miss Abigail Rose won't test her "Aunt Judy" anymore or Charlie either..
    I would think that on Wednesday you, Judy and your other helpers will take the day off and maybe just "play lady" ? We could all chat with you for Java talk day.. I can't imagine what the topic would be. ;o)
    Take care of yourself.

  21. I hope the UTI is better. Glad that you found out about about the boot. Geez, you have to be your own doctor anymore. How would you have known. No wonder your foot/ankle still hurts.......grrrrrrrr
    I would have been so afraid one of the pups would have gotten hit by a car. I bet Judy is worn out from all the chasing. Don't you wonder where the dogs were headed. They were just making a game out of it.
    So surprised to see a post but glad. I have sure had you on my mind this wee-end. I hope your weather was as nice as our has been. Can't wait to see you in your new place. Glad others showed up to help. Rest when you can.

  22. Dear Lord Brenda I could just smack those initial people who gave you the boot without proper instructions. As a nurse teaching the patient is very much a part of good nursing care. I am glad you got this new boot anyhoo. Moving is tough enough without this ankle injury. Judy is wonderful. I spend a lot of time here chasing a very obstinate cat so I get the Abi situation too. xo, olive

  23. I've been wondering how you are doing. So glad that you let us know. That's a shame about the boot. I would have thought that someone would have told you about that. It's not something that you would forget.
    Well, I'm glad Judy was there to help...she's a saint and the other helpers too. Hope you get some well deserved rest.

  24. Crazy weekend for sure! I am glad all are ok, maybe a little worn out but doing ok. :-) I can not wait to see your new place. Have a great week. ;-)

  25. Well, no wonder you and your friends are tired, Brenda. And the pups, too. I'm glad you received important information about the boot, though the health care folks certainly didn't do their job when they fitted you. Seems ridiculous. I've moved too many times to count in my lifetime, so I can identify with many of the feelings you've expressed. But you are a woman who knows how to make a house a home, and your new one will be wonderful, I know. It will be a treat to see what you do with it. Hugs ~ Nancy

  26. OMG, I can't believe they neglected to show you about the boot. I don't know how you could wear it, let alone it helping much, without it being pumped up. I wish I'd known, since I wore one for quite a long time myself.

    I know you and Judy must be exhausted, but it'll soon be done! I'm glad you had a few moments to check in. Take care and don't get too worn out. And that Abi, the little stinker, hope she doesn't pull one of those stunts again!

  27. I could strangle the people who gave you that boot last year! What the heck? Yes, if they fit you tightly and properly then you would have gotten so much more out of it!!! Well, hope you get rid of the bladder infection soon, Those are no fun!

  28. That is a terrible shame about the boot! I sure hope this new one feels better now and you get some benefit from knowing how it works. I'm glad you got some sweet people to help you, too. Judy is a Godsend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  29. Brenda, it was so nice to finally meet you and it was our pleasure to help out. I am looking forward to that lunch and meeting the other ladies.

    Grace & Peace to you, dear.

  30. What wonderful old and new friends! Oh my goodness. I hope it will help your foot now. All that time wasted!

  31. Came by your blog tonight and discovered to my surprise that you are moving. I haven't been able to read the blogs much cause I started a new job and it's been all about that for weeks, I guess about a month and a half. So I had to go back and look through your old posts to read about where you are moving. It does sound like an ideal situation for you. I hope you are very happy there. I'll be anxious to see photos of the place. I know it's going to be quite a big project getting you moved in. If I wasn't working all the time...I'd come help. So hoping you love your new place.

  32. I had a boot and that was the first thing they shown me so I can't believe they never mentioned it to you.
    I have a feeling you would have been better by now had they let you know about this. Geez.

  33. Hi Brenda, So glad they properly fit your boot this time and you now know about the pump. It is terrible they did not go over this with you. What a shame!! Love the dog chasing episode of Lucy!! LOL You girls are a riot.
    Have a great week and don't work too hard.
    Blessings in your new home!!

  34. Brenda I'm sorry they were so stupid about your boot. Stupid is not a kind word but that is what they were. On the other hand as I read about all the people that helped you - especially Judy - all I read is boy oh boy they really love you. What a wonderful feeling that must be. I hope this move is everything you want and much, much more, you deserve it. Please hurry back to us because I for one (and I am sure for many, many more) look forward to your stories every day. Thanks for doing this.


  35. That's a real shame about the boot. When you have time for another medical snafu, I'll tell you mine. But, at least you know now. Maybe it will make things easier here on out, especially during the move. I am glad you have the "luxury" of moving over a few days, instead of a 1 or 2 day turnaround. The dog chasing scene should be on TV!

  36. I am furious about the boot incident! That needs reporting and definitely calls for a change of doctors! Bless your heart!

  37. Brenda, best of luck settling into your new home. I hope the new boot makes a world of difference for you, and I feel as all the others do about the lack of instruction you were given with the old boot. There's just no excuse for that at all.... Donna

  38. One would have thought that SOMEONE would have noticed it wasn't fitting correctly over the past year, for goodness sakes! Especially since it was taking longer than normal for healing to happen. Seriously...... it just seems so crazy that not ONE SINGLE PERSON ever asked if you were keeping it tight enough, or perhaps too loose, over the course of a YEAR! Truly unbelievable....
    So glad the move is in progress and that there are helpers. The Sonic Chase sounds like an I Love Lucy or a Mary & Rhoda episode. Sweet Judy! What a wonderful wonderful friend. Her place in Heaven has certainly been cemented. I was so happy to see a post from you this morning. Hope you take time for watching BLACKLIST this evening!! Take care and don't over-do it (too much!)

  39. Now you are a master of the pump boot. No more sloppy boot for you. I would write a complaint letter. There is no excuse for any of that nonsense. I sure wish I could have helped you run around Sonic chasing Abi. (But of course I would have had to order a shake) You poor dears. It is so nice to hear that you have made new friends, strangers who came and helped. I hope your new place is close to Judy. You two sound like soul sisters. Take care and happy decorating this week.

  40. I'm so glad you checked in...I was thinking of you this weekend. Good God, those people and the boot (the initial ones), not telling you how to use it. That's insane. Maybe you will really start to improve now. Did you have a bladder infection?

    I know how scary it is to have your dogs loose...Layla is our runaway and she is so tiny, she's hard to see if you are in a car. And she's fast. Most of the time I can get her back by bringing Milo out and playing with him...she follows him. Thank goodness Judy was there. I wish I had a Judy in MY life! lol!

    Keep us posted, I think the good stuff is going to start happening.


  41. Well, you experienced two different kinds of support! Both absolutely essential. I'm so pleased you had three good souls who came to help in your hour of need. Maybe this is your luck changing, Brenda?

  42. I'm so sorry about your boot, but glad now it's fixed and you know all the bells and whistles it has. I was in a boot once, and the air-pump-thingy was great.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  43. And I thought my Aunt Bet and I were the reincarnations of Ethel and Lucy. I doff my checked headscarf and gladly step aside.
    So aggravating about the boot incident. Things like this are proof of a sloppy practice. So glad it has been set right.
    Hope everything is better soon and you have the pleasure of making your nest.

  44. Someone needs to get the boot over that boot! Glad that issue is resolved. Sounds like you and Judy need to make a trip to Sonic, without the pets, to get a treat.

  45. So glad you have had helpers to get your things moved, Brenda...and so sorry no one told you how the boot should be used before now! I hope now it will do the supporting properly, the way it should have been doing before!
    Naughty pup running off....I have chased a few in my time too, and know that feeling of panic chasing after them!
    Hope all goes well for you in the next few days.
    Helen xox

  46. I can't believe that about your boot! The air is what makes it taut and supportive. Poor thing! Good that you have eager helpers on hand to help you. XO

  47. so glad you all survived! I chased a cat around a Sonic once many years ago. so much fun. Also glad you're boot is now the way it's supposed to be. take care and try to get some rest!

  48. Brenda, I cannot believe this whole incident with your boot; not being instructed on how it works, how it is to be worn, etc!!! On a more positive note, thank goodness for all your wonderful, kind hearted helpers! You are very lucky in that sense. And, to finish off, I can just imagine the dogs running around in circles and the chaos that came with it, everyone screaming and laughing at the same time! Gotta admit: you will certainly have some memories about the big move of 2014!

    Take care and hope you are all getting some serious R & R!

    Happy Easter, my friend!


  49. What Poppy said. What incompetent morons!

    As for the dogs, this brought to mind when our Bichon was a puppy she would run out every chance she got. The only way to catch her would be to tire her out. There was a time when we had some work being done on the house and four construction workers AND the mailman and moi were chasing her around the neighborhood. I use to bring along a bed sheet to throw over her. Sometimes it worked,, but mostly I just looked like an idiot.

    I feel your pain. Literally. As you know, today is moving day for us too. Every muscle in my body aches, and we've only just begun. I have no idea where we are going to put this stuff at the cabin.

    Glad you got some help. I was thinking about you and hoping some friends pulled through. I kinda knew they would.

  50. That is crazy about the boot! At least now all is well. Glad to hear you are in and have lots of helpers:)

  51. You did a wonderful job writing up your story.
    Thinking of you and thank you for the smiles while reading your story. :-)

  52. I have heard that you shouldn't chase the dog. Get down on your knees and call them and they usually come. I think while you are getting things moved in and the doors will be open that you should crate them or leash them and tie them to something. Maybe lock them in the bathroom.
    Sorry about the boot. I can't believe no one noticed all this time. Good grief. I am glad you had someone finally that knows what they are doing.

  53. No wonder that boot has been so uncomfortable and a difficult to wear. Take care. Do not start dancing or skating yet.


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