Helen Philipps In Spring

Helen Philipps, seamstress, crafter, author, artist. I always love to see what she's coming up with next. Have I left anything out? Helen is the master of all creative trades. 

Let's visit her and see what she's come up with for spring. 

I absolutely adore both these pillows. The house pillow has stolen my heart though.

Oh my, her color combinations...

Hearts and flowers, the perfect romantic combination.

And of course bunnies.

And gorgeous colorful quilts.

I feel like I've walked into a storybook and taken an enchanting tour!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me, Brenda, that is so kind of you!! And I love how you mixed the pictures together :)
    Helen xox

  2. I love Helen Philipps website-her colors and projects are so beautiful!

  3. Such a talented lady! Her projects are gorgeous with lots of color. I love it all, especially the adorable bunnies and pretty pillows! Looking forward to visiting her website...

  4. Not fair ! - She has access to both Green Gate and Maileg stuff.

  5. Oh! Pure eye candy! Makes me want to sit down and create something pretty! Thanks so much for introducing her to me...love her blog!

  6. Wow, she is good! Everything is so happy and colorful, sort of like her own version of Cath Kidston!


  7. I bought her book a couple of weeks ago. Love it so much. I am working on the little hexagon quilt.


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