Romantic Home

 This is Romantic Home. It is Cindy's blog and she's had it for ages. 

She just moved to a new apartment. As you know in California rents aren't cheap. She'd been living in her old place for many years. But her landlord decided he'd get people out after their lease and do a little work and really raise the rents. So she had to find a new place.

Cindy has the magic touch when it comes to shabby chic romantic decorating. That's why she's had loyal followers for years. I have no doubt this new place will be just as pretty as the old one.

Her style is feminine and elegant.

She has the ability to make a home, wherever it may be, look cozy very quickly.

She has a linky party bloggers gravitate to every Friday.

We can all learn from her techniques on how to make a house truly become a home.

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  1. I know! I love Cindy and her blog. Hers was the first blog I ever read! She is certainly talented in decorating and I'm enjoying watching her beauty up her new place.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Strange to go peering into someone else's life and see my step-daughter with Cindy's daughter on her blog. What a small little world we live in.

  3. I have followed Cindy for quite some time. I love the blue and white combination! Her last apartment was exquisite, and I'm looking forward to watching her decorate her new one.

  4. I love Cindy's style. I have been following her for some time and always enjoy what she is putting together. It's always so pretty.Thank you for sharing her with all of us..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. Thank you for featuring me on your beautiful blog Brenda! Also thanks to everyone for the nice comments! I've been blogging since 2005 and I'm always amazed how connected all of us are to each other!

  6. Wow that is very elegant without being over the top! I just love how relaxing it all looks. :-) Thanks Brenda for sharing it with us today. :-)

  7. I think I used to follow Cindy. Her home was really very pretty. I'm sure this place will be the same!



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