The Blacklist 4/28/14: Episode 20


"The Kingmaker," episode 20, of "The Blacklist" is set to reveal the content of Tom's evidence box, which is likely to be photographs of Red killing Liz's foster father. According to Megan Boone, who plays Liz, the evidence is going to "ruin a relationship that's very important to her [Liz]."

The actress said to Yahoo TV that Liz is "going to go to a darker place," as she is "completely despondent, detached, and jaded at this point." 

Is Red in trouble? Is someone setting him up?

Tom lost Audrey. Liz has lost faith in Tom, who isn't who she thought he was.

Will a romance brew between these two, both with broken hearts?

And just what is Red's connection to Liz?

We have enjoyed quite a few episodes of James Spader's character enigmatic Red on The Blacklist. We are almost to the end of Season 1. For those who have watched this show, what are your thoughts on the first year of the series? And what do you think will happen next season?

I will be back this afternoon with Tweak It. 

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  1. Red is Liz's father. I think she knows that, somewhere deep down. I love this show. It had me the first 15 minutes, first episode. I love these two characters. They have such chemistry together. If Liz does get involved with her FBI counterpart (the one that lost Audrey) it will be just a fling of some sort. Those two together; I do not see it happening long term. Soon, all my shows will be on hiatus. UGGH. I am a big fan of this show, Hannibal, Bates Motel, The Americans, Downton Abbey and anything on HGTV. Happy Monday. Hope you do not have to weather any tornadoes.

  2. For one thing, the show is very addictive! I am completely hooked. The episodes are incredibly well written and very engaging. The charismatic James Spader has been brilliant in his portrayal of Reddington. I think season 2 will continue on with Red's secret agenda and there will be more names to bring down on his list. Lots of excellent storytelling with the usual thrilling twists and turns. And more on the major plot threads, especially Tom and Liz. There's so much I would like to know and I hope the show will provide some answers. Why did Tom marry Liz? Who is Tom working for? I do think that Liz will becoming involved with Donald, but it will be a bad idea. I hope they provide more clues as to Red's interest in Liz. Is he her father?

  3. Tonight's episode sounds very exciting. I've been hooked on this show since it first started. Spader is fantastic.

    I was worried but you during those storms yesterday. Why is it they say to get in the bathtub?

  4. looking forward to sitting on the edge of my seat from moment one of tonights episode and by the end I'll be sitting there till next year in anticipation.

  5. I may be in the minority but I'm just not so certain that Red is Liz's father. If you watch the show it seems like "they" really want you to think Red is Liz's father. I think "they" are doing this to build up the suspense that will lead to who her father really is. Red not being the father would be more of a shocker at this point.

  6. Almost from the beginning I would agree that they want us to think Red is Lizzie's father. That might be too simple. Perhaps he is her brother.


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