Waiting For Lazy Days Of Summer Fun & Java Talk Topic

The trees are budding out and evolving into shaped green leaves. They are getting bigger and thicker by the day. Plant shoots are now a few inches high. And yet I'm sitting here with a throw over my lap because it's cold outside. 

This is uncustomary. Normally by this point in time the nights are getting warmer. and you're finding yourself throwing off the covers in the wee hours of the morning. But that is not yet happening. 

We are all anxiously anticipating the warm rays of the sun, warming our backs and growing our flowers. 

Yet the birds follow their instincts and have been building their nests in my yard, in my bird houses. They sit on top of the rooftops and keep vigil over their prized eggs inside. They are not waiting for warmth to carry out their annual rituals like the rest of us are.

Families are looking forward to trips to the beach and fun in the sun, which hasn't happened on schedule as it typically does. They are checking off dates on their calendars for park concerts and other music events, such as TD Music Deals, where you can get exclusive access to concert offers. 

Where mom will bring an old quilt and spread it out with a picnic basket, and the children will run willy-nilly till the music begins. 

Couples will be nodding their heads to the melody, arms around one another, love still brand spanking new, sipping wine from cups.

All the summer events we so look forward to. The 4th of July and fireworks. Trips to the beach where we walk in the sand. Vacations near and far. 

But most of all, we are anxiously awaiting the blooms that will eventually top the stems. And watch the buds unfold so gracefully that is almost like watching the ballet put on a show. 

We are at the whims of nature, and the calendar will not reflect what is happening now. But nature is the most beautiful of things, and when it does decide to peek its head fully out of the clutches of winter, it will be a magnificent sight. It will happen. But it will be on its own time frame.

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days - three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”
John Keats, Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne

Java Talk Topic

Tomorrow we are going to discuss dreams. We can pontificate on what we think they mean. Put it up for discussion and see what others think it means.

Whether we dream in color. Anything dream related is the topic.

We can tell the story of some of our strangest or most compelling dreams. Whether our dreams are detailed or vague.

I think people's dreams are very interesting. Something that is beyond our control, yet comes from our brain for whatever reason.

Should be fun and perhaps bring us some laughs. And who knows, some may be titillating. However, they won't be mine! 

Menopause ended that type of dream for me. Just flew the coop never to return. But hey, take that out of the equation and it makes life a whole lot easier!

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  1. I am still drinking hot tea and cappuccino off and on all day to beat the chill with a throw tossed over my legs now and then because I am cold and a sweater - I want the warm weather to begin - of course we might want to watch what we wish for - in two months time we might be cursing it once again.!

  2. Gorgeous images and lovely, hypnotic narration of the upcoming, warmer days of spring and lazy, hazy days of summer!

    Dreams, ah yes...lotta REM madness goin' on, if you ask me! Being a Pisces, I've always been a big dreamer, of both the day and evening kind, which makes for double trouble!

    Will check in tomorrow, after my first 'Meet & Greet' Afternoon Tea with my fellow bloggers of Toronto; a dream come true for moi! Wish you were able to join us!


  3. oh wooohooo Dreams.. I am fascinated by them and love delving into the subconcious elements of them.

    I have studied this subject and read many books about it...
    so excited for this topic...

  4. Let's see?? dreams you have them when you sleep... I don't sleep well enough to dream any more. I love your pictures...just what is that purple flower Brenda? I am hoping our nice warm days bring about some warm nights soon. xoxo,Susie

  5. I so agree with you, Brenda, about how we anxiously await the blooms. I used to miss this while I was working, but now that I have been home for two springs, I am out there everyday checking the progress. The forsythia is just about to open, probably in the next couple of days!

  6. Hm, Susie said something that made me wonder: I don't sleep well at all, and if I dream I never remember them. Should be interesting reading!

  7. Beautiful pictures and wonderful writing! We're enjoying temperatures in the high 50's, with lots of warm sunshine. Looking forward to seeing some green soon!

  8. This week here in sc we will be enjoying the 70's. Now dreams evade me. I wake never remembering them and feel a little cheated that I do not know my world at night....shhhh...zzzzzz

  9. I could write a book about all my dreams EACH night. I always dream, vivid dreams every single night. I dream about my ex EVERY night. Since dad passed over a year ago, I dream of him every night and mom has been gone 14 years and i dream of her just about every night. I dream of those already gone. I think it is because I have no one around me now who loves me and my dreams fullfill that emptiness for me of LOVE i use to have.

  10. I am still waiting for that "true" warmth to come our way, love that the sun warms my house most of the day but it is still chilly outside and the nights are still filled with frost. So wanting to get some planting done outside but we have to wait for the right time. :-)

  11. What is that purple flower ? Stunning!! :)

  12. Is that a passion flower? This time of year, the cool, but not freezing cold temperatures shout one thing to my husband and me -- it's fishing weather! It's the time we take day trips to little streams to fish, and we see lots of spring wildflowers -- the ephemerals that last only a couple of weeks and disappear. Trilliums, bloodroot, hepatica, Virginia bluebells. Wonderful time of year.

  13. I hope you get some warmer weather soon. I've felt bad for the areas that have had such a long and cold winter this year. I can imagine how tough that would be. I can't handle weather like that for very long. I would have liked to have had some winter weather though. We didn't get much of a winter, hardly any rain, and the temperature highs are in the 80's and 90's this week. Crazy weather!

  14. That purple flower second from the top is amazingly beautiful! What is it?

    You have me jumping to summer in my mind!! I just started celebrating spring! ;-)


  15. I am enjoying every moment of spring and happily anticipating summer. xo Laura

  16. Oh your words, Brenda! They paint such an amazing picture for me. Such beautiful writing! xo Jen


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