Welcome Wagon Friday 4/25/14

Up for you this week I have...

Another male blogger in our midst. He did a great job on his kitchen.

What a gorgeous scene.

Gorgeous tablescape!

Okay, welcome wagon volunteers, please visit these new bloggers!

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  1. You are such a great blogging friend to do this feature to spread the word about new bloggers.

  2. A male blogger!! Oh My!!! lol thanks for sharing Brenda!!!Have a beautiful day!! 77 here today! loving it!! Carol

  3. Thanks for introducing us to these three new bloggers. A very interesting trio! I'm looking forward to visiting their blogs...

  4. This has always been such a sweet thing that you do. Having been the recipient of your kindness quite some time ago, I know these new people truly appreciate you.

    I have been away for awhile and did not know you had moved. Looks like you have a few challenges but you will get it all figured out. You made the last house into such a cute and charming home, so no doubts that this one will get there, too. So glad your pups like their new surroundings!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!